Tuesday, 13 March 2018



Rosner Management Services is proud to unleash it's brand new state of the art e-commerce web site to the world. On it you will find everything you can imagine to do with music, great artists of all genres and locations around the world, our blog, online store, radio, press, grant, SONY distribution, sponsor info and of course, links to the upcoming RISEUP TV TOUR AND ARTISTS!. 


The music world has changed......So what now? The good news is that there are more opportunities for success than ever! RiseUp TV is coming to the world. A soon to be syndicated TV series that features artists from all across Canada and the world! Over 70 artists of all genres will be on this journey travelling across Canada, doing live shows together! The footage will be compiled into 12 episodes for release around the world on many networks in many countries. the ups and downs of life on the road together, putting Country, Hip Hop, Rock, Dance pop artists and more, together! We don't know what will happen, but we do know that it is coming your way! Artist interviews, special content, deals and more, can be found at this link. It is all being loaded into this platform, at the end of March 2018! Then follow the stars as they embark on the live tour, followed by the release of the episodes one by one in late 2018!


We are proud to offer RiseUp TV merch on our store. Have a look and check back frequently as more and more music, merch and even non-related items come up for sale on our platform. It is also important to note, that  all items sold from the RiseUp TV store, music related or not, will result in profit for the RiseUp TV artists!, so it's a win-win for music and the people who provide us with it!Here is the link and let us know what you think or what you would like to see up there!


We are proud to announce a partnership with AMG/SONY in releasing the RiseUp TV compilation CD. It will be available live at the tour stops in May 2018, but will also be available online in Late April 2018! Please check back on the Rosner Management Services web page late April or on the online store.


RiseUp TV and Rosner Management Services would like to thank all of our sponsors that have come onboard so far. A list of sponsors and endorsements is coming soon and we hope you will all check out these amazing companies that have literally put their money where their mouth is and are helping to make artists dreams come true. if you know of a company that would like to get involved in this on-going global event, let them know, as there are tremendous marketing opportunities here!


Publicist: Lydia Sherwood at Presto Public Relations Inc


Manager: Mark Rosner at Rosner Management Services

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Starting early March, 2018, you will be able to meet up close and personal with the stars of the upcoming TV show, RiseUp TV! In depth interviews will be posted for all RiseUp TV subscribers at this link

Subscribers will get to hear and see what the stars think about the upcoming cross Canada tour, but also get a very personal look into their lives and what makes them tick as people, heading into what could be a life and career changing tour and TV show. 

RiseUp TV will be following the lives of 50 artists as they travel together, performing in shows all across Canada, over a two week period in May of 2018.

You can be there too! The Cities, Dates and Venues are listed on the RiseUp TV channel and tickets to the live shows will be going on sale in April!

The interviews will that are coming to the RiseUp TV will be available only to subscribers. Subscriptions to the channel are $1 per month, with the proceeds going directly to the artists involved. Get on early and don't miss any of the exciting journey that is soon to begin!

The RiseUp TV online store will also be launching in March, 2018, where you will find the artists music, merchandise, compilation cd's and special non-music related deals from sponsors and venders around the world!

If haven't seen the RiseUp TV trailer, check it out at this link:

Saturday, 20 January 2018


RiseUp TV is building great sponsors for the artists involved in the Canadian tour and worldwide television show!! These companies are committed, not only to promoting their own great products, but also  to supporting the arts, live music and musicians reaching they're ultimate goal of international television! It is with great pride that the music Sponsor Network releases the brands that have committed so far! The fact is that business owners everywhere are stepping up to the plate to pledge they're support for this great movement and independent music explosion around the world. Going fast are the big controlling labels, relegated to mere distribution networks and taking their place, is a new wave of artists taking back control of the music! These companies are on the forefront of literally putting their money or services where their mouth is. The Music Sponsor Network is in turn, committed to showing the world these great companies. They will be featured in the episodes and press throughout the process and beyond. More support is needed and appreciated, as we want to take this to the highest levels. If you are a company located almost anywhere in the world, contact us to get involved and promoted through our vast advertising network! All the while, you will be supporting the work of so many talented artists everywhere. Together, we can build strength! Email all inquiries to mark@rosnermanagement.com

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Thursday, 11 January 2018


Thank you to "Niagara Number Crunchers" It is always good to see businesses supporting artists and culture here in Canada. We at RiseUp TV want to say a huge thanks for doing this and also encourage all of you out there who need your taxes done, to visit their site and know that you are supporting a business that cares and puts their money where their mouth is! Here is the link to their web site for you!


Monday, 25 December 2017


Coming in January 2018, see all the Riseup TV artist interviews! Only available on RiseUp TV channel. Learn the stories behind the artists and track their journey as they prepare for the ground-breaking music tour coming to Canada in May 2018!