Wednesday, 16 August 2017


I am pleased to announce that Solvent of Society are very close to winning this contest, to get into an amazing Festival! they are great guys and need your help! It only takes 30 seconds to vote for them at the link provided and they could be playing with great bands like Sloan! They deserve it and have worked hard get placed among the top 15, they are currently #5 as of today, but not far off first place. Here is the link to vote

Thursday, 10 August 2017


Yamaha Canada has come to the table with a sponsorship of Pat Belliveau for RiseUp TV! It is a musical match made in heaven! For the full story, visit;

Sunday, 6 August 2017


Artists from almost every province of Canada, are participating in a national tour and television show being filmed in May 2018, in a series of 12 live shows. The shows stretch from Victoria, BC all the way to Montreal, QC and everywhere in between. The live shows will be hosted by accomplished illusionist and Magician Roger Boucher! It is a 3 hour "Grammy style" show and will include all genres of music! What makes this show even more unique is that all the artists and crew are actually travelling together in a 56 passenger tour bus! The antics, ups and downs will all be captured on film and released to Reality TV in the Fall of 2018! Online, you can watch the pre-promotion, press and get to know the artists, at the link provided here.

The episodes will be released online at that same link and you can see it all if you just press "become a patron". This channel is also the place where you can enter to win a cash prize of $500! Two winners will be announced during the live tour of Canada. One winner will be announced by a very well known unnamed celebrity in Edmonton, AB, at the Western Canada grand finale, live streamed on May 26 2018! The other winner will be announced at the Eastern Canada grand finale, in the same way from Montreal, QC on June 2 2018!

Taking part in the shows, will be Canadian artists, international artists, some well known and some not yet! There are only a few spots left for artists, so if you would like to know more, contact Mark Rosner at

There are already great sponsors involved like Yamaha, Best Western hotels, Musiflik and more! If you are a sponsor or charity and wish to be involved, the exposure will be extensive, localized and or international, depending on your business. Please contact Mark Rosner for more information at

A complete list of tour dates and cities is also available at
Online tickets and physical tickets to the live shows will be available in early 2018!

Thursday, 3 August 2017


Reality TV show, RiseUp TV has a small number of openings of specific genres for solo artists and bands. See below for information and reply to the email given.

Victoria, BC             1 singer-songwriter, country or folk solo artist or band
Calgary, Alberta       1 Hip Hop or pop solo artist or band
Windsor, Ontario      1 Rock band or solo, 1 singer songwriter, country or folk
Toronto, Ontario       1 singer songwriter, country or folk

Please send links to:

TV Trailer:


Wednesday, 2 August 2017


From days gone by, Sean Hosein, Don Harte and myself. Not too many years ago, no one could comprehend what Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, would do to artist income!
What do I think about all these Facebook ads, now more and more everyday, for individuals claiming to be making millions of $$$$$ and gaining massive fanbases around the world, through online sales? I know people who have succeeded a it, I know a lot of people trying it, but what do I REALLY THINK. See the article in full at the link below.