Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Hello Internet!

   Al from Arkavello here, letting you know what is currently going on, musically and otherwise.

   We`ve had a slower couple of months then were used to, in terms of playing shows. However, the shows we have played have been quite fun and we seem to be drawing larger crowds every time we play! It also has given us an opportunity to step back and take a good look at what our music means, and what we can do with the business side of things.

   In our short time as a full time band looking for a big time break. We have gone from playing community halls and central parks in small Alberta towns, to having a manger and playing fantastic venues such as the Starlite room, and in that short period of time we have been hard at work honing our craft and creating more songs that delve deeper into the world of the unknown.

  We have also made into the finals of the Landmark events showcase series, this is huge for us as it presents a great opportunity to play in front of many A&R reps of major labels, and indie labels. The finals are taking place on Saturday May 9th at the Starlite room, just short of one month before we embark on our first tour all around western Canada! We are so grateful to have the chance to do these shows. 

So far our Calender is looking like this:
March 28th - Overtime Sports Bar in Calgary
April 25th - The Well in Drayton Valley
May 9th - The Starlite Room in Edmonton
May 29th - Victoria, British Columbia*
May 30th - Vancouver, British Columbia*
May 31st - Kamloops, British Columbia*
June 2nd - Calgary, Alberta*
June 3rd - Edmonton, Alberta*
(*) venue to be announced

We feel like if we keep working hard our future will continue to grow, and our music will spread across the world.

Thanks for reading
Al Webster

Open your third eye 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Proof Of Change

To my World Wide Family
New Album Approaching
Due May 29th 2015

I am Writing tonight because im just hyped about this New Album. It has been some time since I released an album and not just any artwork, an album that took me a couple years to put together. Lots of deep thinking, emotions, reflections, heart ache, and happiness, personal changes all went into this album. It is called Proof Of Change. Proof their can be change in the world, in our personal lives, change in the lives of others, and a change in the way we use our talents to influence others. Allow the door to open to the intelligent artists out there that are using their gifts for good. Music is powerful and we can either change lives, or corrupt minds. The story behind this album is exactly this, Proof that we can change.
  I Had lost my way years ago almost 6 now, and was trapped in a vicious, vicious cycle. I thought that forever I would be stuck in this nightmare. I didn't believe in myself, I was tempted by darkness to achieve my goals. Consumed by addictions, living under this fog of misery. A Clouded judgment where money become more important than anything, and where my mind was lost and numb to the pains of life. A future of happiness couldn't be seen, and the nightmares occur to this day. Causing mental chaos but, i have since changed my ways, Im not out their pushing the poison, im doing whatever I can to mend broken shards, and tainted minds.
  Pushing Faith to those who have non, and I Mean faith in themselves, in the ones around them, in happiness, love, Dreams. I went from being surrounded by friends who were not who they said they were. Who would continue to push me to darkness a fate worse than being alone. I am a Husband to a loving Wife, and a father to 2 beautiful children. Living legit , with faith and the mind to help others onto a path of positive changes. This album is based of all this, and to me is the proof of my change. I hope to that this album could be the Proof of change you've always needed, to know your not alone in these chaotic and frightening times. That if we try hard enough, and work together we can change the outcome of our lives, to create a positive lifestyle. This is my introduction blog to the album to be released May 29th 2015 which is the Start of the RISE UP TOUR #ProofOfChange