Monday, 30 May 2016

Thanks to our artist sponsors !

I would like to thank the following sponsors that have come onto the Music Sponsors Network in May. For those of you wanting to know more, these sponsors have pledged financial support to some of my artists and within a few days, these artists will receive they’re money!!!!  These products are all good brands and also care about supporting the Arts! These days, artists need to become more and more creative with they’re strategies for earning a living at music. The artists in Music Sponsors Network, pride themselves in promoting the good brands that financially support them. Below is a list and link to those companies. We thank you for your on going support.

Honourable mention also goes out to the following companies for they’re support of the anti-bullying school tour

Boston Pizza


Best Western
Canadian Tire

Julie Curly updates!

This Time: "Covering" songs, Rise Up Tour & Studio Time

As Bob Dylan once said…"The Times They Are A Changin'"…But we are not in 1964 anymore…So more than ever, the indie artist has to be everywhere & do it all, with (often) so little money. Passion doesn't come with a price, so I keep going, for the love of music. And I try to "cover", let's say explore all the fields music has to offer.

I'm really excited about the month of June, for us it's the beginning of the summer, with great shows and exciting projects to come! This begin with the Rise Up Tour, in Montreal on June 2nd at Bar Le Ritz PDB a great venue for the indie music scene. On June 5th we travel to Quebec City for a show at Le District St-Joseph and on June 10th, we come back to Montreal to play as a duo at Taverne Reeves. June 10th will be a pretty buzzy day, since I do a live radio interview over the phone with a music station in Chicago and on this same day, June 10th, we launch 2 albums of covers, available on digital download on iTunes and other digital stores! I can say that from the 24 songs we cover there is plenty of choice for any music lovers from the 60's to the Top 40! And yes there is a Bob Dylan cover to stay consistant with my blog article! This being said the original stuff is still going strong, currently in the studio to record our next EP, thanks to FACTOR for the funding & to those who believe in us giving and sharing our crowdfunding campaign!

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And to celebrate the beginning of summer, here's my recent cover of Justin Timberlake "Can't Stop The Feeling":

Delaney Rose Interview!

Got an invite for a interview thru my publicist, Tracy Lamourie, with Joe Crawford, Niagara Falls, Ontario and I got to admit it was so enjoyable. It will be on a few dates as below. Have a listen and let me know what you think? I'm also so excited to plan a fall tour of Germany. I will be setting up a crowd fund page to bring you into the experience with me and my tour. Believe in You!!! That's what matters!! That's also our wish with our new "Just Believe Foundation", a break thru mentorship program for all arts programs with all ages!!! Just Believe, Delaney Rose

You can hear the interview at the following locations on OTRFM:


If you're not on a computer but want to listen on your mobile device for free you can at on OTRFM.

Encore shows are as followed:

Thurs May 26th: 2pm EST
Fri May 27th: 1am & 5pm EST
Sat May 28th: 11am EST
Sun May 29th: 12am EST & 12pm EST
Mon May 30th: 6am EST
Tues May 31st: 3pm EST

After that the interview can be heard online at and on iTunes for free at:

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Toronto Band on the way up!

Back in the studio writing some new tracks for our upcoming shows in Windsor Ontario and Montreal Quebec, these songs are going to be groovier than ever!
Check out our single we released a couple months back called 'Lost My Mind', as well as a short clip of what were about!!music/c130w

"Drinking Coffee in a Hipster Place' is the new single from Tod Hughes

Check out the new single and video from Tod Hughes "Drinkin coffee in a hipster place" already gaining views fast. Fun Stuff! Let's get these views up!

Simon Henley, set for show in Montreal AND Quebec City!!!

Ahh yes, it's time for my second Rise up tour.
Every year, it's a surprise to see how things unfold.
This year is special at the District Saint-Joseph in Québec city
and at the RITZ PDB in Montréal.
Here is how me and Charles-William start our concert this season.
Hope you'll enjoy it.

And say hi if you can!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

E Power Concert Series


 Friends, Please take 5 minutes out of your day to have a look at a great project that is happening now, across B.C. and Alberta. Two talented artists are going from school to School, spreading
the good message of hope and empowerment through teaching
and Music. I am sending this to you, in hopes that you will help
with a contribution even as low as $10!!!
The web site link is below, and also the Gofundme Link is below. Schools are welcoming this show and companies like Staples, Canadian Tire, Best Western Hotels and Boston Pizza are donating services. Paying the artists is also needed, to help
cover travel and they’re time. Is a great cause and even a small
amount helps. Thanks for your consideration!