Friday, 24 June 2016

Calgary Band is OFF the charts crazy! gotta see them!

Hey there Folks....Trayne Rekk here from Puttin'On The Foil !!!!

Had a Rough /Fun weekend.. Played the Okotoks Parade. We played on a float then in front of the Elk's Hall Beer Gardens. Lot of Booze, Burgers and Stupidity...I'm still alive!!! The human body is amazing!!!

On Monday I was the dunk tank guy in a new TV show coming out called Tin Star with Tim dunked about 15 times...was paid danger pay!!! Was a good time. This weekend we're in Calgary and Canmore. Lot's of shows coming near you. Go check out the calendar at

Last thing for now. Working on new video for "Shitshow" going to be good. Go check out our other videos!!!

Thanks to Mark Rosner !!!

Trayne Rekk


Edmonton's Paul Woida scores bigtime!!!

 Big news! I am so excited to announce that I have officially been chosen in the Airmiles Big Break artist contest to open for Meghan Trainor! This is huge for me. Thank you so much to everyone who voted. I can't do any of this without you guys. I can't say it enough. You all mean the world to me.

Friday, 17 June 2016

New Music Radio

Thanks for sponsoring artists around the world! Your support is appreciated and this is the new music industry. It needs the support from everywhere! Running 24/7 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. todays best new music from around the world. check it out. Join the Facebook community and have a listen.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


I am a lucky man. Why? Growing up listening to bands like Toto, Yes, journey and others, I decided at a young age that music was my passion! I played in bands and toured Europe, rubbing shoulders with some amazing artists and industry people along the way. I always wondered where it would take me. Today, at 49 years old, I am right where I was meant to be. Oh yes, for sure, I don’t play the bass like I used to, but hey, I have much to be thankful for. A 12 year old son who is the core of value in my life! Healthy parents at 81 years old!!!!! A girl that lights up my life every day and oh ya, I get the privilege of passing my contacts, knowledge and help to artists all over the world.! I am working on 6-8 international tours, working with EVERCLEAR  manager Paul Marshall, Stephen Wrench, founding member of Lynyrd Skynrd, a great team of professionals, sponsors and so many wonderful people, it would take forever to mention. Roger Daltry says the music business is dead! Ummmmm what? Not from where I sit. You see, the problem with that statement is that to me, if Roger is looking for things to be the way they were when he was in his prime, then it IS dead. However, I think it is merely changing and HE is dead! What are you making music for Roger??? Money only? I think you should slide over and let the next generation decide on how they will shape the business going forward. After the Titanic went down, we did not stop building ships, we simply learned how to build them better! That’s what is now happening! We are learning how to use the new world technology and it takes time to regulate. Back to why I am a lucky man. As the industry grows and changes, I am thankful that I can use my mind and talents in music. Every day is an adventure and no two days are the same. To me, that is why I am a lucky man.
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Solvent of Society plans heating up!


Welcome to the June addition of the Solvent of Society blog, happy to have your eyes. This blog post is all about our recent events here on Vancouver Island, our future plans, and a recap of our biggest social media news. Shout out to Rosner Management Services (RMS) for giving us this platform to share this news with you. We formally apologize for not updating you on these events sooner, our only excuse is excessive rocking.  
First and foremost WHOLEY SHOWS! When we made our last blog post on here ( we never anticipated to be playing much shows in the first half of the year. However, through connections with local musicians and groups supporting music, we landed the following shows:

Friends of Music Society Showcase
Save the Duncan Showroom Fundraiser-Over $2000 raised 
Our first Campbell River Performance with Az-Real and Others
Our first Victoria Show with Rosner Management Services 
And A Battle of the Bands in Port Alberni thanks to The Zatt Zoo Project 

AND THAT’S NOT ALL FOLKS!! Remember that record we mentioned before? We’ve officially started recording! We have plans for a release that will hopefully shake the foundations of something, but for now we can officially state it’s in the works. As promised here are the official track names for the record, keep in mind they are not in any sort of order: 

Spell Me 
Without a Doubt 
What I know
Sea of Corruption 
On Trial 
March of the Penguins 
Punker’s Paradise 
But At What Cost 
and our newest track, Throw the World Away! 

Speaking of that new track, we have released a YouTube Video for it here: As for other social media news we are happy to announce we are growing! It’s to connect with new friends and musicians in person, then transfer that to online as well. We have included all our social media links below if you want to stalk us! Thanks for catching up with us everyone. *Be sure to mark the this date on your calendars, October 21st* SOS will be playing Victoria for what could possibly be our biggest show to date!! Stay tuned!!
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The Able Kind is happy to announce our third EP is complete! As we make
our journey as independant artists, we feel it is important to surround
ourselves with: like minded musicians, great fans, intelligent managers,
and cold beers! Hats off to Rosner Management Team as they have opened
our eyes, and broadened our horizons with great advice, and opportunities
we otherwise would not have the benefit of experiencing. Please take the
time to check out our new songs, we had a great time putting them
together,and hope you will enjoy listening to them. We have started a
Gofundme campaign to help us reach our personal goal of traveling across
Canada to bring our music to those we otherwise would have a hard time
reaching out too. If you reside in Western Canada check us out on the
fall Rise Up Tour along with the other great artists under the Rosner
banner! Please support your local artists, as you know, it takes a
village. See you at the show!
Here is the link to our gofundme campaign
Love it if you also liked our facebook page as well.

The Able Kind,

Jeff Belcher

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Lance King getting great results in worldwide Radio !

My song Love You All The Way was released on Feb 1st making it onto the Charts the week of Feb. 6th. Reaching #154 on the “US National Top 200 all Genres Chart” and #56 on the “US National Top 100 Songs by an Independent Artist Chart”. Love You All The Way reached the US National top 50 Country Chart at #24 the week of Feb. 13th. Love You All The Way spent a total of 11 weeks on the (DRT) charts peaking at #70 on the Top 200 US National all Genre Chart, # 16 on the US National Top 100 songs by and Independent Artist Charts and #23 on the US National Top 50 Country Chart.

Driftin’ was released April 11th  and reached the charts the week of April 16th.   This week Driftin’ placed #164 on this weeks US National Top 200 all Genres Chart, #12 on the US National Top 100 songs by an Independent Artists Chart and #45 on the  US National Top 50 Country Chart. Besides charting for 16 consecutive weeks in The United States  with these 2 songs they have both charted well in Europe on “The Euro Indie Music Charts”. That is a chart that features only independent artists based on airplay from several thousand radio stations across Europe. This week Driftin’ is #61 on Euro Indie Music Chart, Love You All The Way spent 2 weeks in the Top 20 on that chart.

Both songs were recorded in Nashville using musicians who also record and back up major Country Music artist such as Brooks & Dunn, Miranda Lambert and Lady Antebellum. Both songs were produced by veteran record producer Stephen Wrench from the independent record label “Musik and Film Records”.  Stephen has produced 46 gold or platinum records for various major Country Music and Country Rock artists including Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Williams Jr. and Travis Tritt. Stephen has produced 5 additional songs for me which were also recorded in Nashville. We are planning to release the 5 remaining songs over the next 18 months. On the strength of the success of the first 2 songs extensive touring plans are in the works. All these songs are original written by myself, Ed King with 1 song written by Stephen.

All the DRT charts are available for download by going to the Digital Radio Tracker website and searching the charts section. I am now in the planning stages of a tour throughout Texas in November!!!!! 

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

"Cander" makes his Mark in the Vancouver scene!

Hey Beautiful people! Cander here with some exciting news and events coming up.
June is officially the most intense month of my entire music career and i look forward to tackling July and august in the same way but with more experience. After opening up for underground legend Zion-i may 27th at fortune soundclub I'm proud to announce that this Thursday, June 9th, i will be opening up for another big name at The red room ultra bar with Kung Fu Vampire and Battle rap legend Dirtbag Dan.
Just 9 days after that i will be battling for KOTD at fortune soundclub on June 18th against AHAT champion NOV aka Novy Povich. The last event on my music calender is a bit different, on june 23rd i will be alongside the beautiful and fantastic ladies of Vancouver burlesque world for the very intimate NSFW show. What will i be doing? Come see for yourself. links to all these shows are below. Peace my friends.
Thanks To and Hempco, for supporting my artists and contributing to they're growth as artists. Please take a moment to check out they're many great products and see ho this industry is growing fast!!! These companies are an official sponsor of the  Fall "RISE UP" cross Canada tour!!!!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Radio Airplay and Sponsorships

New Music Radio offers artists great Radio options for worldwide exposure, countless spins, interviews event announcements and Sponsorships, yes Sponsorships! Get involved today, for as low as $45 for 3 months. See the details below:

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                                                           Premium Package      ($120)

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