Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Artists across Canada and some from around the world are preparing for they're shows on the upcoming cross Canada RISE UP TOUR 2017. For those of you wondering what this is all about, here it is.

Rise up is put together BY artists FOR artists. Some artists are playing only their hometown and some are playing many of the shows all across the country. It is all part of gaining mass exposure for their shows, working together, to expanding their contacts, venues, social media, sponsors, other artists to work with and creating an overall "bigger story" than simply embarking on a tour by themselves. It created a lot of networking and content for them along the way, so they can expand it on the next tour.

Rosner Management Services plays a role in helping to organize, do overall promotion and direct each artists needs along the way, whether that means publicists, radio, social media, help in getting sponsors, etc. There is also something else happening here! Next spring, the RISE UP TOUR 2018 will actually be a TV show!!!   Modelled somewhere between a documentary and a reality TV show, 10-12 episodes of the tour will be filmed for syndication on TV and the internet. This will provide massive worldwide exposure for the artists. In a sense, the tour is building towards something much bigger and the artists have this time to work out the bugs. the TV show will be fashioned differently in format, but will basically be the same, starting in Victoria BC in early May and ending in the Maritimes near the end of June.

Make sure you get to know these artists now, as they embark on this journey and build their careers. You can find all the dates being added to the tour, on this Facebook link below. There will also be featured artists on this Facebook page throughout April, leading up to the tour, so invite your friends to join the page  and everyday you will be introduced to one of the artists music or video and get a taste of your new favorite artists!!!!

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Symentha-My Music is My Greatest Teacher

My Music is my greatest teacher

I thank god for music.  For me, music is the place where I get to feel my emotions, get back into my body and tap into  my Heart. It wasn't until my late 20's that I discovered my deep love for writing music-music that seemed to come through me from a higher place. 
This greater power seems to tap into my heart and soul, take my life lessons and make them into songs for my body and being to heal through.

My music is my greatest teacher. 

I remember the first time I picked up a guitar when I was in my 20's and wrote my first song. It felt like I was in a trance as I looked down at the paper that was wet with my tears from sort of disappearing into a dream state and upon my return had written a song.  The song that came through was about my mother, A River in my Soul. I was in an acting class at the time and this project of releasing what we were feeling inside, showed me that my music is a healing tool for me, which propelled me to step away from acting and into my music.  

Over the next few years I was in and out of a few bands and because of my job, spending most of my life on the road as a Hemp Food Educator, gave me lots of time to write and be with myself.  My Road Warrior Ways, was the perfect space to turn my life lessons into songs, heal myself from a very toxic past and share the truth about hemp and health to those who wanted to take their health into their own hands.  This is my life: Health, Music, Love. When I have this holy trilogy in harmony, everything flows.

PS-You can check out my music samples here: Symentha's Music Also, I've created a Healthy Rockstar FB page and group, to help support musicians that are on the road and/or trying to stay healthy-Healthy Rockstar FB Page AND you can sign up here:Healthy Rockstar Program  to receive an e-book and many healthy videos to show you easy tips, tools and tricks to be your best while you share you magic with the world! I'm here to connect with anyone that has health questions and look forward to sharing the stage with you! xo S

Thursday, 16 March 2017


New music Radio has reached over 100,000 now, since it's inception less than  a year ago. In particular, in the last 6 months, things have been heating up and growing fast. Music is always playing and now it has a new streaming video show," Thursday night spotlight". Sponsors are getting a bang for their buck too, with the increased exposure. Artist playlists, countdowns , announcements and interviews are but a few of the growing programming. Have a listen and maybe even submit your music for airplay. Loads of interesting things on NMR.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Simon-New Music New Time

Hey there friends, 

I’ve got a special announcement to make. 

On March the 19th we’ll be at the Balattou in Montreal.  It’s a special show with Beyond a Crew (Cameroun) and special guest SeouddrumS (Cameroun). 

It all starts at 9pm. 

Do you know why it’s a good time to come and see us? We have a new musician with us. JosuĂ©, drummer of Ensemble Afrovibes. And with Emmanuel Delly from the same band plus Charles-William Mpondo from Beyond a Crew (both long time partners), this has to be a great night not to be missed. 

We’ll also present new songs for the first time. 

So take Monday morning off and come enjoy World Music to it’s finest. J