Monday, 11 May 2015

Together We Rise

I believe strongly everyday, that we can one day see a world where we help eachother grow. Were we invest in eachothers dreams not in the next corporation. A little word if I may,  it amazes me. For example, you could offer someone a cup of coffee or a meal out at McDonald's , and there's no hesitation. The wallet comes out and the meetings set. But when you ask people to invest in a dream and to believe in it. The looks of what the astonishment, like what are you thinking?! start to amass. To invest in a good cause and something other than what the normal is. You might as we'll call the dreamer crazy these days and it's sad.

Sadly we live in a world where mainly everyone is out for themselves to satisfy their personal greed. to increase their bank account, or to buy those materialistic items. If that's what you want then Its understood, but what if everyone could have a piece of the pie. Everyone eats 3 square meals a day, everyone has a roof over their head, and no one is belittled because of an idea, a dream. Instead of investing in eachother and building up your community, were tearing each other apart. Remember next time you don't support your local stores, restaurants, coffee shops, artists, charities, farmers market whatever it is, but you can buy products from a corporation who already has billions, were only letting ourselves down. You do nothing for your community by investing in people who already have it all, and the heart of them is not rich, not humble. Also Remember those Corporations or Big Name Actors, Artists, Car Company's, Lots Of Fast Food Chains, started as one persons Idea/dream, who's family and and friends believed in them. Believe in your community and together we rise. Or divided we all fall...‪#‎whatwillyoudo #RiseUp