Sunday, 30 April 2017


From Montreal, this is Azemca! New to the music scene, she is now growing her Facebook and Twitter! With plans to showcase in Montreal this year, the musical journey will continue. Azemca has also been included in the "Pat Belliveau" compilation being recorded in Calgary and released worldwide in the Fall! Stay tuned for more dates and info coming, with this great artist



Saturday, 29 April 2017


If you have never heard Paul Woida before, you are in for a treat! just take a moment, you will be a fan for life. One of the busiest artists in terms of playing live, strong songs, musically creative and best of all........ a good person, who brings much to the world around us. He has a strong message and has a great future. He is one of those artists that delivers live and not just in the studio! Don't take my word for it, have a listen! See the Facebook and Twitter link and follow below, but also I have included one of his videos as well.




Friday, 28 April 2017


Vancouver hip hop artist CANDER hits the stage Friday May 26 at the popular "MEDIA CLUB"! Joining him on stage will be an all-star cast including:

DJ Ted-D (dj and beats)

Babie Paul (emcee and beats)

Back Bone (bass)

It is the CD release party as well, for this collaboration of artists. Merch for the project will be there as well, as this project fires up. Cander's Facebook link is below, so message for tickets. Cander will also be releasing the video "Spheres", so stay tuned for more from this exciting artist, including a TV show coming in 2018!


Tuesday, 25 April 2017


These two great artists ,Delaney Rose and Symentha Holmns are coming together for an amazing show coming up in June. The  details are below in the press release. The event is partially sponsored by "HEMPCO" and will also act as the launch for the "JUST BELIEVE FOUNDATION". The artist links are also below, where you can message them for inquiries. Tickets are also available online at the link below!

" Break thru mentorship non profit society,
for all ages for all arts programs.
On Saturday, June 24th, 2017 we will be launching the Just Believe Foundation non
profit society at the Castle Neighbourhood Grill, at 319 Governors Court,in New
Westminster, British Columbia. We will be hosting our conference from 3:00pm to
6:00pm focusing on health, wellness, and talent sponsors and speakers. We are looking
for the right sponsors to join in to bring to the forefront the talent in our own
community. Each sponsor will be given special time to speak about their product or
opportunity at the conference. There will also be sessions available for guests to join in
to learn songwriting, art, drum making, and list goes on. Our concert will begin at
7:30pm with two stages including performances by Symentha Holmes, Delaney Rose
and soon to be advised performers. Tickets available now on eventbrite .
We believe in the value of a holistic approach to talent, mentorship. Each talent
deserves to be recognized and by our own examples as mentors, we can show the
value and the opportunity of the talent that everybody always had.
Executive Director: Delaney Rose
604 722 1860

Online Tickets:


Monday, 24 April 2017


The world will now be exposed to what we at RMS have known for a few years now. This is a talented and bright star! Follow her career as she blossoms into an international star!. Here is the press release going out right away everywhere! RMS will be helping in any way we can!


Alma Records announces signing of Brenda Navarrete
Toronto, Canada, April 24, 2017 – Toronto‐based “music first” label Alma Records, in its 25th
year of operation, is very pleased to announce the signing of Brenda Navarrete to an exclusive
multi‐release recording deal, bringing the 26‐year old Cuban artist’s fresh and unique
interpretation of contemporary World and Jazz music to the international stage. Recording of
the multi‐talented singer, percussionist, composer and arranger’s debut CD will begin in May,
with plans to complete recording at Toronto’s Phase One Studios in time for a September 2017
Brenda Navarrete is one of Cuba’s great young talents and a graduate of Cuba’s prestigious
Amadeo Roldán conservatory. She has made her mark working alongside an array of Cuba’s
music elite, while her solo career has included television and radio broadcasts of live
performances, and tours in North America. With a solid foundation of Latin Jazz and Afro‐Cuban
influences, Brenda has spread her wings into contemporary World Music, featuring proud
Cuban roots with jazz undertones.
“We’re thrilled to welcome Brenda Navarrete to our label and we look forward to great things
in the months and years ahead,” says Peter Cardinali, President of Alma Records. “Brenda is a
special talent, with music in her soul, and we’re eager to create memorable recordings that will
convey that to the world.”
The signing with Alma Records follows a management agreement between Brenda Navarrete
and Wild West Artist Management, headed by Canadian music industry veteran, Jim West. The
management deal will help support the release of Brenda’s CD, with plans to begin touring
internationally in 2018.
“Brenda is a terrific addition to our rosterof talented artists and we are pleased to be
embarking on this journey with her,” says Jim West. “We look forward to a productive and
successful relationship that will grow for many years to come.”
In 2010, Brenda Navarrete won a national competition during Cuba’s prestigious Fiesta del
Tambor, winning first prize in the category of Bata drums, as well as for best interpretation by a
female artist. Her percussion talents were first rewarded with an endorsement contract from
Canadian company Sabian, and she subsequently signed an artist endorsement deal with the
Gon Bops percussion company in March 2016.
Jane Harbury Publicity
609 Soudan Avenue • Toronto, ON • M4S 1X7
tel: 416.960.1568
About Alma Records: Alma Records is an established independent
“music first” label with a roster of talented Grammy nominated and
multiple Juno award winning artists. Our focus is on artist development
and production in jazz, world, Latin, pop/jazz, singer/songwriter, R&B,
soul, funk and blues. Our worldwide distributors include Universal
Music Canada, Sony, eOne, Proper, and more.
About Wild West Artist Management: Wild West Artist Management
works to further artists’ careers by providing marketing and
professional development advice, counsel and support. The company
is specialized in strategic development of artistic brands and growth
Further information contact:
Jane Harbury Publicity 416.960.1568

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Renita Zintel-Excited About the Future

Where do I start …..

1 step forward 2 steps back, then one step forward againJ
I was working with a band for over a year but due to conflict of interest that came to a end a month ago. Started this year looking for change and I got it!
Presently in the process of having   a song mixed and mastered and planning to do
at least one more song  for a Cd  ,want to  release  a single by summer.

Collaborating to arrange some of my songs, gonna play at lots of Jams the next few monthsand booking  shows for the summer.

 Looking forward to playing at a “Nadrowski Fest” my family reunion in July  this summer at the lake.

I also have been learning Java Script ,been making rough video’s of my songs on my computer and wearing out my Zoom R16 Recording songs.

Excited about the future……

xo Renita Z



With their 1st Top 40 Song in "Toss him Aside" (on 3/4/17), Poetically Contagious, out of New York, are poised to take on the world in 2017 / 2018!  The ground breaking artist / Producer team are now focused on bringing their music on the road. Radio has been good to them, so the next logical step is to take it on the road! One of the plans in place is they will be coming to Canada in Spring 2018, for participation in the Rise Up Tour 2018 TV show, being filmed in May of that year. The reviews have been great, for the music and there is also interest from the fashion world, for their brand!. Have a look at the review link below and say hi and give them a like and follow. We are excited here at RMS, to offer you this great artist and Label!




Thursday, 20 April 2017


With the emotion and passion of a band that is ready o break out, comes the rawness of thoughts and intentions, that out veterans to shame. That is what you will fond in this Saskatoon band "The Nation". See them April 30 in Regina, SASK, playing alongside Azariah Paris! If you get the chance to see them, do it now and see them while they are on their way up! The best way for me to describe them, is not to describe them at all. The following are their own words for you. They would love a like and follow on their social media which I have included below!

The Nation

Hard rock Band? Or Modern day Berserkers……you decide

         Like ages past, men fuelled by drugs, alcohol and disillusion knock at your city gates and enter without permission, through a smokescreen of thunder, lightning and a haze of unmentionables.

        Wakened from the ashes of constant tension, turmoil and dissatisfaction comes a kamikaze formation of sheer force and uncompromising nature that cannot be stopped.

        This Nation of misfits and undesirables challenge all who can keep up with the pace, to join their ranks in the up coming Rising!

         It is pointless to try and keep us out, as we will leave nothing in our path untouched on our journeys 

        The noise we make will never dissipate,

        The Magick we make will only patently wait,

         Till We Knock Again!

                                           The Nation



Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Azariah Paris has quite a history in the music business. Whether it's his audition for Miles Davis, or his extensive touring, this guitar master, has seen it all. Coming up this spring, you can see him live throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan, alongside some great indie artists! There is a link below to his Facebook, so send him a message and say hi. He would appreciate the likes and follows on Twitter too. Azariah also helps a lot of other artists, booking tours, shows, casino's, he is extremely well connected and is one of the "good guys" in this business. Keep on rockin Az! and have a great RISE UP TOUR 2017!

Facebook page:


Jackson Reed-Time to Rock n Roll!

Hello everyone!

 It's a pretty exciting time for myself. My first official show has been booked, and I can't wait for it. It's on June 4th, at a restaurant called The Smith, which is in Canyon Meadows in south Calgary. It'll be an evening of rock and roll, with a new local band called the G Waves as the opening act. Their a three piece band, who I got to know well through school this year. After the G Waves finish their set, they'll join me as my backing band. This concert event will be like seeing a rock show in an arena, with blazing guitar solos, crazy stage antics, and a larger than life performance. 

I can't wait to finally get out and play, and show a world that's forgotten about rock and roll, how rock and roll is supposed to sound. So if you're in Calgary on June 4th, come on down to The Smith for some (as Bob Seger would say) Old Time Rock and Roll!
(Show starts at 7pm, $10 to get in)
Please check out the Links below for more info:
Instagram: jacksonreedofficial 

The Smith:
13200 MacLeod Trail SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2J 7E5
Jackson Reed   

Saturday, 15 April 2017


Persistent, loyal, talented, driven! This is how I would describe Corey Ackland St.Pierre (Young Cap) Actually I forgot one. His family is number ONE! In addition to growing his music career, he is one of the most helpful people that you will ever meet. He is constantly helping artists with exposure, knowledge and connections. He treats others as he would want to be treated. Make sure you check out his music and videos! Of course he is on Spotify and facebook, etc, etc, too many to list here, but take a look at his video below and share it if you can. It means a lot that you would take a few minutes to check out his music.. Drop him a private message on Facebook as well. Lots more to come from this Comox artist. If you are on Vancouver island, check out his upcoming show !  The links are below!


Live Show:

Friday, May 19th 2017
The Mex Pub
Courtenay BC
1001 Ryan Rd. East
V9N 3R6


Friday, 14 April 2017


If you are living under a rock, you may still have heard of Ian k! We're not sure when he sleeps, but maybe he doesn't! If you are in or near the Peterborough Ontario area, you can see his original live show coming up soon. The details are here:

Peterborough, ON
Red Dog Saturday May 13 **
189 Hunter St .
Ian K

Ian is also gearing up for a 2 week tour of the Eastern US in August, 2017! his latest video " Your Hero" has gained many views and there is a TV show coming in 2018, where Ian will be a featured artist!  Besides all this, he is in a very busy KISS tribute band called "DESTROYER" All this ads up to a career that is on the "rise" His participation in the cross Canada Rise Up Tour in May and June, means that Ian is definitely busy! Make sure you click on the links below and follow Ian's journey!

YouTube video:


Tuesday, 11 April 2017


This Thursday night "Bad Habit" are set to rip up the stage with rockers "ANVIL". Later this summer they will be with "Our Lady Peace". We are proud to offer up this great Canadian band and in the fall, they will be on the Rise Up Tour!  Check out the video below and let them know what you think! They would love to hear from you on Facebook and Twitter too.



Monday, 10 April 2017


Say hello to edge and creativity in ONE! Neon Rose n The invisible will hit the Vancouver stage on the upcoming Rise Up Tour 2017. June 8 at "Guilt and Company". We have included a link to a single "Pumpin Love" below. What a great track! Check it out and then if you like the tune, check it out on her youtube channel. Warning, the video has adult content. It was filmed in Spain and is quite something to see. Alaana is her name and she can be seen body painting in her videos. Drop her a message on her Facebook if you like! and GET OUT TO THE SHOW!




Saturday, 8 April 2017


Michena Simon is a singer performer from Haiti! Haiti is an amazing country that has been through alot and is recovering from some very difficult times. Michena has come through alot herself, on her journey and music has been her getaway at times. Being new to the business, the challenge can be getting some momentum going and networking with new people around the world. In these early stages, she will be planning a show in Port-au- Prince in the next few months and adding people from around the world to her Facebook Fan Page and Twitter. the links are below, so we hope you will take a minute to say Hi and like and share these links. The next step for Michena will also include some youtube videos, maybe even some video showing off beautiful Haiti!!!

Facebook Link:


Wednesday, 5 April 2017


                     The new album titled Singularity is being worked on and lightly promoted.  Anissa and Erik (Producer) are hard at work in the studio recording and mixing the songs so it will be ready for completion by late August/early September.  This album will be a departure from most of Anissa’s work in the past as it will feel much more contemporary.   The team is also working on the graphics of the album and scheduling photo shoots in preparation for its release and artwork.  Things are really starting to take shape and we’re all getting excited about it!
                In the meantime she still keeps up her steady diet of monthly Jazz gigs in town, down in Seattle, and in between.  Mixed in with the Jazz are songs from the R&B and Pop genres like, “Fallin’”, “Saving all my love for You”, “Sweet Love”, and “Killing me Softly”. Anissa has also just signed with worldwide Management company, Rosner Management Services. One of the first things on the horizon is a showcase, happening in Bellingham, Washington on May 13 at  Skylark Hidden Café 1308 11th Ave For advance tickets, call 360-715-3642

Please also enjoy her video at this link:

AND, she would love if you could follow her on Facebook at

Monday, 3 April 2017


Hidden in the mountains of Austria, is a musical genius that the world will know more and more. I met Ferdinand 6 months ago and was immediately delighted by his music. What I came to know through time, however, is his kind and humble personality and spirit. Trust me on this, watch this video and you will see the light and beauty that he is bringing to the world. He contributes to Charity AND if you didn't know, he runs a guest house in the mountains of Austria! How cool is that! On one of our skype calls he showed me the snowcap mountains just outside his studio window. He is living his dreams and in the end, Ferdinand Rennie is making this world a better place! Thank you Ferdinand! Click this link for his amazing video that has hit 117,000 views so far!

Be sure also to like his Facebook Fan page and Twitter, to stay in the loop: Maybe we can even bring him to Canada !

Sunday, 2 April 2017


Simon Henley is a Quebec City artist with a passion for song writing and promotion of mental health! He will be performing his songs and talking about his life experiences in his upcoming Rise Up Tour 2017 show in Quebec City. Here is a link to a video Simon recorded on the Rise Up Tour last year. Be sure to have a look on the Rise Up Tour Facebook page, for his upcoming show in Quebec City. Introduce yourself and send your encouragement along, for we are all fighting battles that are unique to ourselves, but in reaching out to one another, we can actually create healing in our world, one person at a time!

Here is the link to the charity that Simon works with. he wanted it known that a portion of ticket sales to his upcoming Rise Up Tour 2017 show in Quebec City, will go directly to this organization. Great work Simon!!!

Remember to follow Simon on Facebook and Twitter and he will follow you back!

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