Monday, 22 June 2015

Trail of Tears - Behind the Song


    Recently, Trail of Tears was released to radio as my very first radio single. I'm a little behind on radio releases but I am so excited to finally get the ball rolling! So far, there are about twenty radio stations who have picked it up! I think that this is perfect timing. With my National Aboriginal Day performance coming up, and Trail of Tears on the radio, I've decided to post a video onto YouTube this Friday! As always, stay tuned on here and via my Twitter @SierraJamerson for everything #TeamSJ. Trail of Tears is a song written about the historical event of the same name.
   Following the Indian Removal Act of 1830, members of the Cherokee, Choctow, Muscogee, Chickasaw and Seminole tribes were forcibly relocated from their traditional lands in southeast U.S to an area west of Mississippi, Indian Territory. Of the 16,000 who were moved, up to 6000 perished in the trek, much of which took place during winter. I have Choctaw ancestry on my mother's side but I wrote this song not only in honour of the Indigenous people who died during the Trail of Tears. It is also in honour of the Tahltan struggle to preserve our Sacred Headwaters from exploitation and resource accumulation by Shell Oil.
    Many Tahltans still live on our traditional territory, downstream from where the proposed mines and environmental destruction were to take place. We still live off the land to a large extent, being so far north that store bought food and goods are quite expensive. My own grandmother and many other grandmother's risked their freedom in protest to protect this land, in turn ensuring that a natural area considered by scientists to be a major lung of the earth, would continue to live on. This sounds like ancient history, but it all took place about ten years ago, and continues to be negotiated to this day. 
    My elders have charged me with the responsibility to go forth and share the message of my people with the world, and I am pleased to do so with Trail of Tears. Look out for more celebrations of Aboriginal history and culture this Sunday, in Churchill Square with my band, on your radio dial, and on YouTube. Love, SJ

Check out the Video here --- If you enjoy, Please like it, leave a comment, and share. Thank You. ~Sierra~

Thursday, 18 June 2015


    Well, the Rise Up Tour has wrapped up, and all in all it seemed to be a total success! The reviews ive read from all of the RMS artists is all been positive and everyone involved had a great time. So badass. I had a great time too! I ended up doing the tour as a solo act, with just me and my guitar, and I sure learnt alot in that! 

First thing I learnt: I need a guitar case, and, an electric guitar will never sound the way an acoustic sounds, so, for future solo acts, no more using an electric, its gotta be an actual acoustic 

#2: Always double check your time slot like the second u show up, during the tour, I almost missed my first set in Vancouver completely but managed to get 4 songs in after all my confusion (also learnt in vancouver always GET REST BEFORE A PERFORMANCE)

  I also almost missed my set in Calgary, I was told I would be on at midnight, so showed up at 1120 ish, and then got told the last act went on at 1130!!! Learnt: Show up earlier for future shows and stay there even if my ADD is making want to go do other things til i have to go on... I did though, end up playing at midnight in Calgary, and got my full set in and ended up having a total blast... Oh and I also missed my set in Saskatoon, I thought i went on at 11 showed up just before 11 and apperently i was on at 10! I ended up still going on at around midnight, but people who had came to see me play ended up leaving because they thought i wasnt coming...DOH

#3) Dont touch anything that isnt yours. All I did was grab a mic stand to move it and i ended up snapping it in hf on stage...let the sound dudes move everything...NOTED!

#4) Drinking Fire is kind of fun, i should have a drink of flames before i start every set
There is a lot more I learnt but these were the big ones! Lots to work on for the future Which I am hoping involves more touring beceause despite the mistakes and etc its so much fun!!!! 
Cant wait to do that all again


Tuesday, 16 June 2015


So here it goes. My first attempt at blogging, and sharing a bit about myself and my music with all of you. Hopefully through it you get to know me a little better.
My name is Daryl Bazinet and I'm one of the more recent additions to Mark Rosner's roster. I'm a country musician/ artist from here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I've heard what I do labelled as Positive Country, but as I'm not much on labels myself, I'll let others make that decision.

    2015 so far has been a great year for me and my music. Other then signing with Mark back in April, I am currently working on my new album. Though I am still in the recording process, which seems has lasted forever, one thing for sure is the name I've chosen for this new album. ' From The Heart.' Cause to me that's really where my music comes from. From The Heart. Family, faith, life and my observations of it. That's really what my music is all about. Country music straight from the heart.

Release date for the new album is planned for November to coincide with the fall Rise Up tour, and looking forward to a great 2016 and to getting to know each one of you a little better. Till then take care, be safe, and God Bless.
-Daryl Bazinet