Thursday, 29 January 2015

Rock On with TAOS HUM!

Rock On for the Cause with Taos Hum

The rock band Taos Hum was formed two years ago by Bartek Sitar and three of his friends. They are songwriters, composers, and performers. They have participated in some contests and already have a few shows under their belt.

Bartek Sitar has been known to "Fondation Institut Universitaire Cardiologie et de Pneumologie De Quebec" for over 2 years. He knows the Foundation well and is very pleased to help by doing something he is passionate about, that is to say playing music. His group aims to raise funds for the Foundation during their shows.

Encourage these young artists and simultaneously contribute to the health of the those in need. If you're in the area, come see them perform on January 31 at 10pm at "Petit Grenouille de Lévis". $1 per ticket will be donated to the Foundation.

To learn more about music Taos Hum: 

Other show dates:

April 2 - Scanner Bistro Multimédia
May 28 - Grand Salon (Université Laval)
June 13 - Le Cercle

For full details and to purchase tickets, visit their Facebook page:

Monday, 26 January 2015

Canadian Hip-Hop Artist McClin and His Flow

A pen, a paper and my flow

Yup! that's me. Lets talk about music and how I started. I realized my gift of poetic writing can be transformed into the art of music, and I have been passionate about it for over 10 years. Truly, without it, I'm homesick. In retrospect from the jungle to the cities, the rough road and hard times, the hustle and the struggles among good or bad people, I learned to mingle; shared the love and tried not to judge. My heavenly Father got me. And disapointments can't stop me. There's no place in my heart for the devil. Althogh, the world is filled with evil. But yet, my God is able. He delivered me from the power of darkness and placed me in the light of joy- blessed me with a gift, that I can share to you and yours. Lord have mercy upon my enemies- for with your blessing, I will still rise up anyway. Your grace, love and wings keep me protected. My family, friends and fans, they all detect it. Putting God first in all I do, so that my efforts aren't in vain. I love challanges in life, 'cause they bring out the best of me. Still pushing it different in this Hip-Hop game, and still keeping my heritage and originality without a shame. With or without a beat, I rock you with unique style and get you soaking in your seat. Got the music in me that burns and bursts out flames. My dream for fame is to make big name. Surely I tell you, the game is not the same- to be a superstar and shine like the bright and morning star. Well, ain't no shine when God is not at the start. Hoping you got the perfect picture world- music is what I got. Speaking right from the heart, I'm trying to find a spot. A pen, a paper and my flow, is all I got to show.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Jake Willis - Down the Golden Road and Back

Jake Willis - Singer/Songwriter

My songwriting has been compared to such diverse artists as John Prine, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Holly Near, Townes Van Zandt, Waylon Jennings, Merie Haggard, John Denver, Stan Rogers, Ewan MacColl, Johnny Cash, and John Newton. I'm of Welsh heritage and I love singing, music, and songs that have heart and soul, and a groove that lets you dance and sing along. I'm a Canadian artist with a global perspective. I'm an activist delivering hope, faith, love, and perspective to a generation in doubt. I reach high and stay low.

The songs I sing are intended to be a vehicle for people to use to think about their own lives, circumstances, trials and challenges. I experience it as a journey along 'The Golden Road' of life. It is designed to allow you to bring your experience into a flexible narrative. Have a happy and safe journey. I came for the North Canadian bush, went to an Ivy League school, and traveled on to meet you here and now. What a blessing that is!


Click here to preview/listen to Jake Willis' album The Golden Road: jake willis - the golden road

Click here to listen to "Used to Be a Railroad" on YouTube:

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Meet Rockers CENTRIFUGE!

Hello… from Centrifuge

Here it goes- our first blog post! I am Peter, the guitarist from Centrifuge. I will give you a rundown of what we have been up to. Basically, it’s been a very busy time for us promoting on social media, mainly Facebook. We have received great feedback about our newest song “Keep yourself Alive”. The track shows our more poppy, funk, disco side. We have also just re-done the drums on a song called “Shadows” that takes us back to our progressive rock roots. These tracks and many more have been played on traditional and internet radio across Canada, The US, and Europe. We would like to give special thanks to Radio Milton Keynes, Bridgeview Internet Radio, Prog Core Live, and radio QCCR 99.3 for being our most enthusiastic supporters. It’s been an exciting ride, and can't wait to take part in the tour coming up soon. 

Peter, Sam and Denis

Monday, 19 January 2015


Tomorrow's Unknown

Tonight I am just sitting here thinking to myself, I am blessed. Though life has been incredibly difficult at times, I keep my head up, staying positive. Who knows what tomorrow brings, we are always, always venturing into the unknown if you think about it. Usually we do it alone, 'cause we're so focused on our demanding, busy lives, and I get it; I live one too- I respect what you're going through, but sometimes we've got to slow down and take a moment. With that being said, every waking moment i give thanks for another day, another day to breathe, laugh, live, spend time with loved ones, the little family I've created. My beautiful wife, children. So no matter what the past has brought, or what tomorrow brings, I live for the things in life worth living for. Yes, everyday I work hard earning an income for my family doing what i have to do to maintain and live as comfortable as I can with what I have, but the materialistic items, well they mean nothing to me.

I just possess the things I have, for I have earned them, from working hard, because I can, not because I "love" them. We must live our lives for what they are truly worth: family, friends, children, the paradise around us- Serenity, Peace, Love, Harmony. For tomorrow is not known, and if we get to caught up in the chase of money, the stuff we have, needing more, and forget what's right in front of us, then who knows, it may all be gone tomorrow. Before you know it, you blinked your eyes and its gone. Take nothing for granted. Help a person out that needs it, be someone's ray of faith, change a life. If today you change one life, and yes one may not seem a lot to you but maybe tomorrow you change the lives of 2, maybe even 3 people? Start a chain effect, and we start to come together, and every day that we do it makes venturing into the unknown (tomorrow) not so scary, for we don't have to do it alone. Spread love, make peace, take nothing for granted and let us live as equals, in harmony, 'cause what if tomorrow never came and we spent our whole lives arguing?

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Sky Phoenix

Sky Phoenix's Expression Through Music

Sky Phoenix's expression through music has been the focal point of Sky's life.

The passion he brings to his music making has been an inspiration to many.
Using the lessons he has learned through past experiences, Sky has been able to apply his knowledge to his current work in music and film. Working with well-known and highly recognized musicians, music and film industry professionals, Sky has been able to create something truly magical. The journey through years of writing and finally narrowing song choice to find those that blended and conveyed the journey of the album through emotion that has come from the soul.

Despite distinctive sounds with each song, Sky has been able to meld the genres and styles to create harmony. His musical influences of old school rock, deep southern blues, R&B and British rock ring through his music. While facing constant struggles, Sky has had to work hard to persevere and sacrifice to turn this album into a reality.

With his many talents, he has provided not only the voice, instrumentals, lyrics, compositions and arrangements but has co-produced the album with Doug Fury as well. Sky's spirituality has played a major role not only in his music and visions but in using his music to affect others. This labor of love has brought artists together, sharing their talents, benefiting each other through growth and forming a network and collective. The driving force behind this album has always been to help others. By sharing his positivity and love as well as his own personal experiences,and lessons, Sky has opened himself up to the world, allowing connections to be made.

The hope for this album has always been to form bonds through the messages and meanings behind the music and visuals. To have a positive effect for someone and possibly change their life is one of Sky's visions. To bring about change for the good of all is Sky's passionate goal on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. The importance of giving back and helping to support to special charities is very dear to Sky's heart. Being able to use his talent to "Spark a Change", benefit those around him, and create better lives is the biggest goal of all. Sky would like to send out his thanks and love to those who have helped him on his journey of making his musical dedication and commitment not only a possibility but a reality.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Aaron Ray - An Extraordinary Voice

Aaron’s Attempt at Happiness

Hey there! This is Aaron… and to be perfectly honest, for a while I had no idea what to even talk to you guys about! I’m writing this blog in between shifts for my full-time and part-time job, so I’ve been really stretched both physically and mentally. I suppose answering the question, "why do I play music?" is something I could talk about, so here we go!

I really grew up around music, when I was young my mom and I would sing along to a mixed CD that included “American Pie” by Don McLean, “Cats in the Cradle” by Harry Chapin, and “Horse With No Name” by America during the long-and-late car rides from Kingston to London Ontario. My father has been a big source of inspiration, information and guidance—seeing as he’s been doing what I’ve just started doing since the dawn of time…!

When I was really young I always had a hard time with connecting with people; Asperger’s is always really tough on kids, so it was pretty obvious that there was something missing in my social etiquette. Because of this uncomfortable distance between people, I guess I decided I wanted to make friends, and to make people happy.

I saw how people acted when my dad would play music in the local bars; dancing, singing along, and enjoying the company of their friends. My 10 year old self saw that dad was making all these people happy. I could understand that, as music was something that made me happy too, so I decided that was how I was going to do it.

My parents immediately got behind me on my decision— and I know how lucky I am for that, and know that I wouldn’t be where I am without their support. Over the course of this eight year long journey, I have come to know many people who have invested invaluable time and effort on me which I am grateful for: mentors and directors, teachers and classmates, to my close-knit circle in Ottawa, including the awesome individuals under Bryan’s Studio 169, and the many people I’ve met during my time as a local performer.

Anyway, sappy stuff aside—“What’s Aaron got plans for now”? Well, along with Mark Rosner’s crazy-awesome-tour-of-awesome, I’m working my butt off so I can perform my butt off come April, writing songs and mastering the art of sleeping-while-pouring-coffee!

Aaron Ray

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Progressive Canadian Rap Artist - Young Cap

Understanding the Music behind Young Cap

Hello to everyone out there reading this. I am Corey Ackland St-Pierre, the man behind the name Young Cap. "Young", means that my belief is that music can hold us in a time of our youth. For example, if I'm to record a track at 22, I have kept myself eternally young. Not only that, but it is what keeps us feeling alive, enables us to have fun, and to some, that means feeling young again, and letting their souls be captivated amongst the company of loved ones. "Cap" stands for Capricorn of the zodiac, which I follow deeply, we are more connected to this universe then we let ourselves realize.

I want to speak to people on the understanding of my music. I get a lot of people saying "wow that's different - why don't you write about what a lot of other rappers write about- follow the mainstream artists, be more like them?" Well, as for staying relevant to the Rap game and being like everyone else, I stand independent, but never alone. I remain different from the rest because that's who i am. I separate myself from what everyone else is doing, and focus on the relevance of life- bringing faith, heart, passion, emotion, into my lyrics: my blood sweat and tears. I incorporate the pains of life as a form of teaching. I remember back in the day, people realized hip-hop/rap (music of all genres) was able to help people come together, to inspire dreams and help people come together in their communities. I am here to bring this ideal back, to turn the hopes of those into faith. Eliminate your nightmares, and allow yourself to become a dream catcher.

The music behind Young Cap is designed to capture the minds of any person in life that is lost and facing nothing but hardships, TO SPREAD LOVE & PEACE. It's designed to undermine all the negativity, and bring a balance back to the music we listen to, that our children listen to. It hurts me to watch so many skilled artists using their knowledge to motivate other people to do wrong, whether this is their intention or not, music is the only thing to open up both sides of your brain. We're taking in the lyrics of whatever we're listening to, so if we feed it nothing but negativity, we will have people walking in darkness. Yet, if we change how we approach music, and make it something positive, others can learn from it, and it can be something that turns people away from aggression so we can see a world of difference. In this lifetime, I feel I have been given a voice, so i will use it to help others through the use of poetry. The times are changing, the world is changing, and people are waking up. If you wanted to understand my music more, and why I write what I do, I hope this helps you. I wish everyone nothing but greatness, happiness, and success in all. 

Thank You!

Young Cap ( aka Corey Ackland St-Pierre )
From Comox British Columbia, Canada

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Phoenix Christa Blog Post #2

More Ways to Connect With Phoenix Christa

Did I mention I love music? WELL, I do!

I wanted to take a couple seconds here to let you all know that aside from Phoenix I am also part of some other really awesome musical projects ranging in style and genre.
if you're interested in hearing other tracks I've written and I am currently working on, I have more music posted through the following links:


At the rate I'm going, I'll eventually have my own country and piano solo album..
Actually sounds pretty fun..
Love 2 you all
Never give up on yourself!