Saturday, 31 December 2016

Downie-Deciding to do it and finding a way

No one is going to ask you to be a singer, a songwriter, a music producer or a musician.
You must decide to do it and find a way.
People often ask me “Downie, how long have you sung?” And I always answer “I came out of the womb hitting a high C”. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t sing.”
But I didn’t know until later that I was also a song writer, music producer and instrumentalist.
The skill of music producer and instrumentalist are the most recent hats I have undertaken. “Necessity breeds invention.”
Labels aren’t out there throwing hoards of cash to bring artists along any longer. So you have to get good at the things you can do for yourself.
Labels are not throwing money out there at “unkowns” to bring artists along. Everyone in the music business is scrambling now and plenty of people will take your money without delivering.
This means you must bring yourself along? And while others are out partying, dating and socializing you will be in your studio writing a new song, learning your instrument, producing and mixing a new track. I have walked into radio stations and seen the boxes of CD’s that will never make it on air. You will be up against the top recording artists out there. This is your competition. A dream in itself will not get you anywhere. It will take all the energy and focus you can

No one will do it for you if you don’t do it for yourself.

Happy New Year!


Monday, 26 December 2016

Thursday Night Video Spot Light Episode 1

Thursday night video spotlight has begun! See the best new artists and theirs videos every Thursday night on New Music Radio!

Sunday, 18 December 2016


I was getting ready to post a Christmas blog when the unthinkable happened. It was Sunday morning at 3 am and I couldn't sleep. As I do so often when this happens, I opened up Facebook on my iPhone. I was immediately struck by some tragic news. Jeff Tourette had passed away. It affected me right away in disbelief and thought that it can't be true. I immediately scrolled down and realized that it was true. Thoughts racing through my mind of how could this happen. Jeff was one of those people that everyone who knew him, wanted to know more and get into his world. He had an impact on people. I will be honest, I didn't know Jeff really well, but I think this is the point I would like to make. I didn't need to know him well to know he was special! Even if you were someone that just met him, you knew that you wanted him in your circle. Now, a little history of Jeff and I. He lived just up the road from me growing up in Coquitlam B.C. 7 or 8 houses away. I was friends with his sister and he was older than me by a little bit. He was a protector! One of those people that gave you the impression that he would protect you at school if someone was after you. He made people feel safe! He was also pretty cool and well liked, so if you were his friend, you were IN.
Jump forward to a few years back. Jeff was the Facebook GOD! We connected again a few years back through Facebook and I enjoyed his posts more than any other! I couldn't always share them, being a good Baptist boy lol, but I was laughing all the way still. The posts were always funny and smart. He was good to me and really had a great heart. I don't know too much about his personal life, but I do know he experienced love, which is awesome! The problem with love, for people who really FEEL it, is that it can become "the meaning of life". I related to Jeff in this way as well, as he would often post things to Facebook and wear his heart on his sleeve. Recently I noticed that there was trouble on the home front and also that his posts were sad. I made a comment to look to your friends and music as that is truly what helps in those times. It was all I could do, being in Vancouver and after all, I didn't really have any insight but wanted to offer some encouragement, because I really related to the loss of someone close, especially when it is your best friend, it leaves a hole that is unfillable. Again, those who were close to him will know more, but I feel that my Christmas blog this year needs to be different. People are hurting everywhere and instead of Christmas being about gifts and busy stores, new cars and expensive dinners, I want to focus myself on saying thank you to Jeff for the laughs, his personality and the honesty. I like to think of Jeff as very typical for artists everywhere. The music was a big part of his life!  I believe Jeff was in some great bands, starting here in the west coast! I was reflecting on this and realized that Jeff was very successful in music! just look at the mount of people he impacted! You know, if you are an artist and you impact ONE PERSON, you are successful. Jeff did far more than that though! My blog this Christmas, in light of this, is to say THANK YOU to the artists that I know and the ones that I don't. Without you, the world looks pretty drab! I could name a whole bunch of people here, but I don't have the space! The world to me, can be pretty backwards a lot of the time. We place borders to keep people in OR out. Rules to supposedly keep people safe. Some people get paid way too much and some not enough, but one thing is true. WE ARE ALL HUMAN. Respect to one another is deserved on that ONE aspect alone. Let's value our artists as much as our brain surgeon's. We are all on a journey. Jeff brought life to us through his music, so many artists just want to bring life and colour to the world. Please remember when you see an artist trying to make music, trying to improve their art form and trying to earn money to live from it. That SHOULD be respected. It takes guts to pursue something that so many try to discourage as not a viable avenue to make a living. You know, the real truth is that without music and the arts in general, as Winston Churchill said, when asked to cut funding to the arts, to ad money to the defence budget "then what are we fighting for"!   Have a Merry Christmas EVERYONE, put the focus on being thankful no matter what, there is where you will find happiness. RIP Jeff Tourette!

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Jackson Reed-bridging it together

  Well it’s my first blog post, not sure how to start this thing, so I’ll get right into it. 

Back on Sunday, I did some maintenance on my “number 2” guitar, the stratocaster. It’s a cheap one and plays like it, but I think it’s still a quality guitar. It was also the very first electric guitar I owned so it’s special to me. But for years I neglected it a bit. The bridge pickup was getting pushed into the body of the guitar, and the bridge itself was a mess. The whammy bar (or tremolo arm if you prefer that) couldn’t fit in its hole properly anymore. So I opened up the guitar’s innards and adjusted the pickup, then proceeded to remove the bridge, putting in a new one. The returns are definitely great, it’s gonna need to be broken in. The sound is different, but I haven’t heard sound like that in a while, so I’m sure I can get used to the new tone. The new springs for the whammy system are very stiff, but they’ll definitely loosen over time. Overall, it feels good to have my old strat looking good again. After fixing that, I’ve turned my attention to making my first youtube video. It’ll be a cover of the song “Best of Both Worlds” by Van Halen, my favorite Van Halen song. I much prefer the Hagar era of Van Halen over Roth. 5150 and OU812 are two albums I am listening to nonstop right now, especially 5150. It is Van Halen’s best album musically and compositionally in my opinion. Best of Both Worlds is the track that never gets old for me off that album, and I can’t wait to release this video cover of it. When I eventually get a record deal, and go off to make my first hit album, you can bet Best of Both Worlds will be on that.

Jackson Reed

Check me out below:

Thursday, 15 December 2016


Starting this Thursday night, New Music Radio will be streaming videos on the "Thursday Night Video Spotlight" Adding video to an already fantastic line up of artists music from around the world, this will prove to be a great new show! The sponsors are growing, the artists are being heard and the audience is now reaching dozens of Countries and other Radio stations! Tune in every Thursday night for this special new program!

Click this link and check it out!

Friday, 9 December 2016

Simon-Invisible Reality

Hi again friends!

I’m glad you’re here reading my thoughts once again. I’m glad because there is a thought I’d really like to share with you. And that is what it is to be in our shoes… us, the people with bipolar.

Bipolarity is invisible. We can only see symptoms like depression or hypomania/mania to name only these. Otherwise, it’s an internal battle and too many of us suffer in silence. I associated myself with and their main role is to break the isolation of people with a mood disorder in the Qu├ębec city region. Not being treated is one thing. But being treated and healthy, allows us to lead a normal life filled with all the joy and sadness life can give. In this video (, I’m revealing some elements of bipolarity.  I hope you like it and I also hope you like this song I composed in a painful moment:

Thanks for being there.