Monday, 30 November 2015

Tod Hughes In Support

Concert of Calgary Singer Tod Hughes in Support of Syrian Refugees Released on Pay Per View

It’s said, “If you want something done ask a busy person to do it.” Calgary singer songwriter Tod Hughes is busy!  He not only performs live, he finds time to record music, and travel; his music has been played on radio in Canada, the USA, Italy and elsewhere under the name Tod Hughes Project.  He is also a Director and Principal at Commercial Real Estate firm Avison Young in Calgary.  With this full schedule, Hughes still found time to host fellow Canadian musicians at a benefit concert he arranged for Syrian refugees. Musicians came from Edmonton, Red Deer, and Saskatchewan to perform at the Ironwood in Calgary before a live audience. Proceeds from the show went to aid Syrian refugees.  This show was video recorded and will be released on Pay Per View in December.

Subscriptions for the Pay Per View show can now be purchased online for $10 at   and the show airs Tuesday Dec 8, 2015

Monday, 26 October 2015

100,000 Loyal Fans!

Musicians spend years practicing alone in studios; they daily climb mountains of self-doubt and internal criticism wondering whether all of this effort is worthwhile.  Is it?

100,000 fans say that it is!

The number of loyal fans now backing our musicians is impressive to say the least. Businesses are are now starting to take greater notice in the potential to work closely with musicians to offer their fans special deals and unique discounts as a reward for their loyalty. 

Today remember to reach out and thank those fans for their support!

If you're a fan who can't get to a live performance, remember to check out our Pay Per View shows coming up very soon.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Vancouver Opera Gets it Right With a Classic Performance for the Modern Patron

Soprano Simone Osborne "Gilda" in Rigoletto
Photo Courtesy of Vancouver Opera

At the beginning of the evening, when audience members were asked how many of them were attending the Opera for the first time, many, many people clapped in response to the question. Whoever is responsible for community outreach and new audience development at Vancouver Opera is doing their job well. The Queen Elizabeth Theatre was very nearly sold out, and newcomers to the opera were treated to a spectacular performance of Giuseppe Verdi's Rigoletto. Director Nancy Hermiston says “It is 'Grand Opera' at its best!'”

Rigoletto had its premiere in 1851, and remains a timeless classic about love and revenge. Dan Paterson,Vancouver Opera's technical director, notes that many modern versions of Rigoletto have been performed in the past fifty years or so, but says that Vancouver Opera chose to present a more traditional version set in 16th Mantua. The sets and props were supplied by Utah Opera and were originally designed by John Michel Deegan and Sarah J. Conly. Built in 1987, and refurbished in 2001, the sets were outstanding, and perfect for this production. Lighting designer John Webber's contribution ensured that audience members always focused their attention on the right portion of the massive set.

Often in the spotlight during the performance was Gilda, the daughter of Rigoletto. The role was played perfectly by soprano Simone Osborne, who convincingly displayed the the wide range of emotions her character experiences during the course of Verdi's famous work.

According to the “Instant Expert” section of the program, “Rigoletto was the 9th most performed opera in the world from 2007-2008 to 2011-2012.” It also notes that “Verdi wrote the bulk of the score in 40 days.” How many people can claim that 40 days of work result in such an enduring masterpiece? The facts and trivia found in the “Instant Expert” section give newcomers to the opera something to talk about during the intermission. It is just one of the many ways Vancouver Opera seeks to make the experience of attending a performance comfortable for those just learning to appreciate the art form. Another way is the "pre performance talk" which is always informative, well researched, and entertaining.

Subtitles are also projected on a screen at the top of centre stage. While this feature allows one to follow along, in English it is the one feature I have yet to appreciate fully. I find it a literal pain in the neck and each performance become distracted trying to think of better ways to project the subtitles, or a better location for the screen. There is no doubt a better way read the subtitles than I am doing, and perhaps it is a skill that some audience members have perfected. If so, including in the program “tips on how to make the most of subtitles” might be appreciated by several people. By the end of the performance I concluded it is likely the best way to project the subtitles; I also envied those who didn't have to rely on them.

In reading the subtitles, it struck me how few words are actually involved in this opera and how much meaning is packed into each one. Every word sung by baritone Gordon Hawkins was filled with emotion. Regular attendees of Vancouver Opera may have recognized him from his last role with VO as Scarpia in the 2013 production of Tosca.

One minor intrusion into the emotional performance of Hawkins was the audible noise of what sounded like velcro when he opened the sack containing the body of the dying Gilda. During Osborne's time in the body bag, she convincingly played the part of a corpse. I looked to see her breathe, and no movement could be detected. The touching moment of Rigoletto opening the sack to lift up her body was broken momentarily by the apparent sound of velcro. It serves to demonstrate how easily the audience's attention can be broken, and might also serve to demonstrate how our attention was otherwise held steady throughout the 2 hour and 40 minute performance.

As usual, the customer service at Queen Elizabeth was excellent; the theatre spotless and well maintained. It was nice to enjoy a Red Truck beer prior to the performance. It was good to see the theatre offering beer from this local microbrewery, which is gaining a good reputation for their support of the arts. It was also nice to see audience members encouraged to share their photos of the evening on Instagram. Vancouver Opera's performance of Rigoletto is an excellent example of how to engage the modern opera patron. It seems to me all of the traditional stuffiness associated with opera has been replaced with audience engagement, good service, and a modern approach to understanding what today's arts patron wants. I hope all arts companies across the country take note of what VO is doing well. If you want to engage the modern audience, you can still present them with the work of the masters using a traditional set. What we want is to be entertained, well served and well informed for the time and money exchanged in order to see a performance. Vancouver Opera gets it right again. Nice work; can't wait to experience more opera this season!

For updates on all the performances planned for this season, be sure to follow Vancouver Opera on your favourite social media platform.


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Stay tuned for posts on Kathrine Weiss and Simon Henley

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Crowd Goes Wild! -Crowdfunding Success Story for Alberta Musicians

Calgary's Tod Hughes of The Tod Hughes Project 

When Sierra Jamerson of Edmonton started her Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, to raise funds for her second radio release scheduled to go out this October, fans and friends all knew she would be successful. As a nominee for The Western Canada Music Awards (#BOW2015) Jamerson has already proven she can make things happen. However, she did not expect to receive a huge outpouring of  support from fellow musician and Calgary businessman Tod Hughes. Seeing she was already 39% funded, Hughes stepped up and donated the remaining 61%.

Tod's generosity toward other musicians fits with his personality on stage and off. One reviewer said of Tod "There needs to be more space in the world for warm, unpretentious acts like this."  Alonzo Evans was referring to Tod's musical act, but the same could be said of his act of generosity toward Jamerson. He did not make a big deal about the donation, but simply put up the money when it was needed.

Tod's music can be heard on radio stations around the world; it's about time we heard more of it here at home.  

Here is a list of things you can do to support musicians like Tod and Sierra:

  1. Call your local radio station and ask to hear Tod's song "The Only One Who Won't Drink With Me is You
  2. Invite your friends to like like both of their Fan pages on Facebook.
  3. Share this post to spread the word about (hashtags #BOW2015 and #Crowdfunding will help get it noticed)    
In her Indiegogo campaign Jamerson said "I'm on a mission". Her friends and fans at Rosner Management, as well as those across the country are all glad to be part of that mission. Congratulations on the nomination and the successful crowdfunding campaign! 

Edmonton's Sierra Jamerson Nominee for Western Canada Music Award 2015

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

HER is FANTASTIC!!! Yes, That is Grammatically Correct, Check It Out!

If you're already a fan of Vancouver's own Poppy Seed, you might find his latest music video "Her" a slight departure from his past productions; rest assured you will love it every bit as much as his previous works.  The video shows not only his artistic diversity, but also his ability to reach a wider audience. Inspired by the woman who has captured his heart, "Her" is sure to become the favourite of any lovestruck music listener.   Catchy beat, cool lyrics; definitely one to set on repeat.

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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Harmony in a Discordant World -The Christian Vocation to Music

The thought of Christians in music brings up two stereotypes: those narrowly defined Christians who appeal only to the churchgoing audience, or the inflammatory “former” Christians who went to church at some point, but who are now hellbent on rebelling against it; Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor being two obvious examples. Between these extremes stands a different type of musician who is also Christian, the type who is “in the world but not of the world.” What are Christians doing in a space as vile as the music industry? As it turns out, they're doing quite a bit.

Amongst popular music icons, you'll find many have their roots in Christianity. Elvis and Johnny Cash sang gospel; and more recently U2 has formed a mutual admiration society with the last three popes.

Cynics might argue that Christianity's contribution to music stems from the fact that many Christians learn to read music to sing in the church choir; ergo, it is the ability to read music, not their beliefs that attract them to careers in music. Others may argue Christianity's contribution to music stems from its literature. Good stories, profound images, and classic cultural references make for great lyrics. While not an overtly “Christian band”, the lyrics of Mumford & Sons draw deeply from Christianity's profound words. Their lyrics appear to have been infused with incense before being released into the open air. 
Daryl Bazinet Musician

What if some Christians entered the music industry, not because of their ability to read music nor their access to interesting words, but rather because music is their vocation? It seems clear that, singer songwriter, Daryl Bazinet received his vocation to music very early. He recounts the traumatic events which lead to his involvement in music:

"I have had 4 brain operations in my life. The second one when I was eight was actually a frontal lobectomy. They removed my entire right frontal lobe in order to make sure they got all of the tumor."

Bazinet actually died on the operating table and was brought back to life TWICE -that's more times than Lazarus. To help redevelop his small motor skills, which are controlled by the right frontal lobe, his mother placed Daryl in piano lessons with the church organist. According to medical reasoning, he should not be alive, let alone be performing as a musician. He says he owes his life “to the grace of God and music.”

Bazinet has been been playing piano for 34 years. Additionally, he plays drums, guitar and bass, an instrument also played by his manager Mark Rosner. Mark is the force behind Rosner Management Services, a company disrupting the North American music scene ( ). Bazinet says, “the expert guidance...I receive from Mark is amazing.”

Mark Rosner Rosner Management Services

Perhaps Mark's impact on so many music careers indicates that he too is living out a vocation that had its origin in Christian musician. Albeit a vocation that is different than he and others might have predicted. When he first entered the industry as a member of a Christian rock band, it was to touch people's lives through music. Now he manages musicians from many genres; in fact his clients include people who routinely take open and direct aim at Christianity. Somehow he manages to unify this motley crew. He describes his company as a 'mini-world' with it's own eco system that mirrors life and gives him an opportunity to help and direct people in their lives, provided they are open to it.

Rosner encourages Christian artists to be original, noting that “art is about expression.”
He is also clear that talent is essential for success in music, but notes that if talented people don't have ethics and integrity to accompany their talent, he can spot that quickly and will move on from those artists. He admits there can be conflicts between people based on values. In addressing these issues he says, “...I always try to educate first. If that doesn't work, I exercise as much tolerance as I can, but only to a point”.
On the point of values Bazinet says, “...When my Christian values have been challenged it's those same Christian values, my faith, that has seen me through.” When playing at venues that challenge his world view he says, “...really all I can do is hope that the message in the music reaches those listening on some level.”

While not opposed to fame and fortune, these aren't the forces that drive him. Daryl says, “My goal is to bring my talent... to as many people as possible....if in some way I can touch people on some level... I have accomplished something wonderful. Money is often not a top priority for artists. To help musicians keep body and soul together, Rosner partners with companies like Sierrasil who fill the role that patrons of the arts once did. Every time a Sierrasil customer enters the promocode “DarylBazinet” on that fan receives a discount and Sierrasil supports this artist in his vocation. If you've ever thought there should be more Christians in music, supporting the ones who are there seems like a good way to ensure more will answer their calling. To find out more about how Rosner, Bazinet, and other musicians engage the world of music and business while participating in a just economy visit
Michael Bentley President of Seirrasil

Originally posted on Katrina Boguski's Writing Blog

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

What's your Favourite Car Song?

Whether it's Prince's Little Red Corvette, G.T.O. by Ronnie and the Daytonas or Cadillac Ranch blasted out by Springsteen or the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, cars, driving, and open roads go hand in hand with great music. So what's your favourite car song? 

If you can't think of any off the top of your head here's a few suggestions offer by to get the wheels turning. What songs would you add to the list? 

Check out this SWEET 1964 Pontiac Parisienne owned and restored by our very own DJ 151. She's called Ruby and she's a gem. Ruby is featured prominently in this Hood Hop video featuring TRAJIKK and HYDRO.

Ya' just might want to check it out!

DJ 151 is the hinge between established up and coming Hip Hop and Rap artists on the West Coast; he brings together the best of the old and new in a blend that fans admire

 Be sure to check out and follow DJ 151 for updates on videos, recordings, performances 
and of course Ruby the 1964 Pontiac Parisienne. 

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Success is in the cards for Sierra Jamerson

Edmonton singer songwriter Sierra Jamerson has a powerful voice; it's one she uses to express stories  that grow out of the deep roots of a unique family history.    Strongly grounded in her traditions, Jamerson chooses those elements of her history that match her present values, and uses them to fuel a strong vision for her future. Her immediate future includes plans to release  a song to commercial radio.

She says her first single Trail of Tears “is about the historical forced removal of Indigenous people in the late 1800s in Southern USA. About 6,000 of the 15,000 people who walked across states perished in the harsh winter. “ It's also about the story of her people, the Tahltan First Nation and their struggle to protect their land and territory from resource exploitation and pollution.

While focused on a career in music, she looks to roll models such as her grandmother Lillian Campbell who is one of the  Klabona Keepers , a group of Thaltan elders who occupy and use traditional lands in an effort to preserve them for future generations. It seems Jamerson's songs are yet another vehicle to preserve the culture of her people for tomorrow, and to share their traditions with a wider community.

Inspired by other strong female vocalists like Alanis Morissette, Joni Mitchell, Buffy St. Marie, and Nina Simone, Sierras says, “I'm in awe of artists who are vulnerable and open in their lyrics, or who use their music to promote equality and human rights. It takes a lot of bravery to stand up for what you believe in.” Sometimes it also takes money.

While traditions inspire the lyrics of her songs, Jamerson takes a modern approach to the business side of music, using a crowd funding campaign to fund her latest project.  When asked why she opted to use crowd funding to raise money for her recording, Jamerson said, “[Crowd funding] is engaging”  The way she has structured the campaign it also lets her be in touch with her fans and see them face to face. She is also having a fund raising concert on September 12th.  

Jamerson's biggest dream is for one day to have people think of her name when they think of Canadian singer/songwriters who have made a lasting contribution to our culture. If you would like to help encourage her in this dream, you can show your support for this emerging Canadian singer by contributing to her crowd funding campaign here.

With plans to travel to other countries to perform, Jamerson's desire is to reach many people with her songs. Surrounded by  a strong team and by backing from her fans, she is sure to reach this goal.  She is humbled by the support she has already received, and is grateful to everyone who shares this post and supports her campaign.

                  Official Website     Facebook     ReverbNation     Twitter     YouTube     SonicBids

Monday, 3 August 2015

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

 So many amazing things are happening in the careers of musicians working with Artist Deals that their stories are beginning to catch the attention of print and online magazines. Not only is this great press for the musicians themselves, and proof to their fellow Rosner Management artists that people really do love to hear about emerging talent, this development is also a welcome bonus our sponsors are happy to receive. When sponsors are happy, they tell their friends, and so the network of sponsors grows ever stronger. As companies throw their support behind our artists, they are getting extra mentions from the artists who are grateful for their support.

 Those artists who show the most gratitude for the sponsorship they receive are also the one's whose stories magazines are most interested in printing. There is something compelling about the words “thank you”. They are words we all long to hear and when someone uses them, we  tend to listen to other things they have to say, and our musicians have a lot to say! Upcoming articles are also expected to give sponsors product placement in photos. As many artists are involved the modeling in addition to singing, companies who supply artists with fashion accessories and jewelery are abound to have some of those products show up subtly in the images that accompany the articles. Those products may range from cowboy boots on country artists to dazzling jewelery on singers who also happen to be stunning models.

 While at times managing musicians from diverse genres can be a challenge, this diversity provides a deep well of interesting stories; and magazines love interesting stories. In an age where content is king, stories from our artists are supplying magazines with killer content; these magazines cover a range of topics proving that love of music knows no bounds. Yes, there are days when being a musician is brutal; the upside to surviving the challenge is that you get to accumulate some fascinating tales from the trenches. These real life stories of innovation, adaptation, and personal grow inspire fans and magazine readers alike. While having a transmission blow up on route to a performance may seem like the worst thing ever, surviving that and learning the importance of car maintenance makes one all the wiser. Plus, it makes for a great story in an automotive magazine. A musician's “worst day ever” inspires great  copy in whatever magazine happens to deal with issues related the cause or circumstances of the painful experience or crushing frustration. Music fans read automotive magazines, they also read fashion magazines, travel blogs, parenting magazines, and home improvement magazines; in short music is everywhere, and so are music fans. It is no wonder then that such a wide range of print magazines are now showing interest in our musicians.

 Articles have already been written on Tod Hughes and Daryl Bazinet and others are planned for several musicians working closely with Kathrine Weiss. How cool will it be when artists submit their music grant applications and supply as proof of their merit stories from magazines and journals that back up what we've been saying namely, these are very talented people with the staying power to make it in one of the toughest industries out there. Mark Rosner attracts great talent and has the patience to help artists through their days in the trenches so that when they emerge from the battle, they can say “It was all worth the effort and the wait”. Artist Deals is proud to be at the centre of this new development that sees RMS artists gaining the exposure they deserve. We are also glad to see these same musicians showing such respect for sponsors and music fans alike; what one is grateful for grows as we appreciate its value.

 Please remember to like the Artist Deals' Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram so that you can read their articles as they arrive, hot off the press! There are some great stories about some fabulous artists; don't miss a single one!

Artist Deals     Rosner Management Services     Artist Deals On Facebook     Artist Deals On Twitter

Katrina Boguski CEO Artist Deals.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Greatly Troubling

I have watched this for over a year now. It is time that I weighed in, as I have a responsibility in this business to the many artists and music in general. I think this is a great look at the inside of what I see as a poison in the music industry. Read for yourself. As the owner of a music business, I do not see eye to eye with every artist I encounter, but would never speak so disrespectfully to anyone like this. This troubles me greatly.
 Look, on one hand, if you are a dev...eloping artist, you need exactly that....development. Part of what you need to do is learn how to sell yourself and your music to people! There are many things to learn about doing that. You can't just JUMP into good favour with sponsors, grant people and fans. It is a process and throughout the process, as my father says, "water will find it's own level" However, selling tickets to just get people there and giving all the money to the promoter is GARBAGE!!!
  It does not teach, offer incentive, direct, offer ideas towards putting on a great show, promote artists working together (quite the opposite, it promotes unhealthy competition between artists) or lead to anything AFTER the show. I am not a fan of artist competitions, as music is objective. What would happen if Neil Young was not famous and entered a singing competition today?
In my opinion the company listed in this, is merely a throw back to the way things used to be, with artists being used for the greater good of a corporate boss.


A Comment From Val Halla Below on this matter.


Saturday, 4 July 2015

How About that Rise Up Tour?

Hey everyone,

How about that Rise Up tour.

Well for me, it was my first to many things.

1- Frist time in Ontario… where I was greeted as a good songwriter.

2- First tour… where I understood the real life of an artist on the road. One has to be prepared because the challenges are numerous and so are the joys.

3- First time where I've met so many Canadian songwriters… great connections were made and I hope to meet them again.

So in the end, my album is due late this summer and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

See you in September!!



Introduction To Keats JP

Music is my life. And working towards a dream is a full time job (along with having
to earn a living). The new addition to my ‘dream chasing’ team is the Rosner
Management team and they have started a new chapter with me  - they have done
such a great job these last few weeks of educating me on the first steps to popular,
professional musicianship.
I had the pleasure of attending the ‘RISE UP TOUR’ show in Toronto which
proved to be not only entertaining, but also very educational – what do I want to be
doing in the future? What kind of show do I want to put on?
I am now in the process of moving apartments, but have also begun planning
my first fundraising performance or a ‘House Concert’  hoping to get started on
that NEW SINGLE. Makes me feel a little apprehensive, - and insecure for sure, and I
have no idea what I’m doing – but I’m learning.
My mom always says “You don’t have to know what you want… but you have
to figure out what you DON'T want.” I’m learning more about myself and my craft
everyday and I am so lucky to now be able to share it with my new founded friends
and team; but also with all of you.
Signing off for now,
Keats JP

Monday, 22 June 2015

Trail of Tears - Behind the Song


    Recently, Trail of Tears was released to radio as my very first radio single. I'm a little behind on radio releases but I am so excited to finally get the ball rolling! So far, there are about twenty radio stations who have picked it up! I think that this is perfect timing. With my National Aboriginal Day performance coming up, and Trail of Tears on the radio, I've decided to post a video onto YouTube this Friday! As always, stay tuned on here and via my Twitter @SierraJamerson for everything #TeamSJ. Trail of Tears is a song written about the historical event of the same name.
   Following the Indian Removal Act of 1830, members of the Cherokee, Choctow, Muscogee, Chickasaw and Seminole tribes were forcibly relocated from their traditional lands in southeast U.S to an area west of Mississippi, Indian Territory. Of the 16,000 who were moved, up to 6000 perished in the trek, much of which took place during winter. I have Choctaw ancestry on my mother's side but I wrote this song not only in honour of the Indigenous people who died during the Trail of Tears. It is also in honour of the Tahltan struggle to preserve our Sacred Headwaters from exploitation and resource accumulation by Shell Oil.
    Many Tahltans still live on our traditional territory, downstream from where the proposed mines and environmental destruction were to take place. We still live off the land to a large extent, being so far north that store bought food and goods are quite expensive. My own grandmother and many other grandmother's risked their freedom in protest to protect this land, in turn ensuring that a natural area considered by scientists to be a major lung of the earth, would continue to live on. This sounds like ancient history, but it all took place about ten years ago, and continues to be negotiated to this day. 
    My elders have charged me with the responsibility to go forth and share the message of my people with the world, and I am pleased to do so with Trail of Tears. Look out for more celebrations of Aboriginal history and culture this Sunday, in Churchill Square with my band, on your radio dial, and on YouTube. Love, SJ

Check out the Video here --- If you enjoy, Please like it, leave a comment, and share. Thank You. ~Sierra~

Thursday, 18 June 2015


    Well, the Rise Up Tour has wrapped up, and all in all it seemed to be a total success! The reviews ive read from all of the RMS artists is all been positive and everyone involved had a great time. So badass. I had a great time too! I ended up doing the tour as a solo act, with just me and my guitar, and I sure learnt alot in that! 

First thing I learnt: I need a guitar case, and, an electric guitar will never sound the way an acoustic sounds, so, for future solo acts, no more using an electric, its gotta be an actual acoustic 

#2: Always double check your time slot like the second u show up, during the tour, I almost missed my first set in Vancouver completely but managed to get 4 songs in after all my confusion (also learnt in vancouver always GET REST BEFORE A PERFORMANCE)

  I also almost missed my set in Calgary, I was told I would be on at midnight, so showed up at 1120 ish, and then got told the last act went on at 1130!!! Learnt: Show up earlier for future shows and stay there even if my ADD is making want to go do other things til i have to go on... I did though, end up playing at midnight in Calgary, and got my full set in and ended up having a total blast... Oh and I also missed my set in Saskatoon, I thought i went on at 11 showed up just before 11 and apperently i was on at 10! I ended up still going on at around midnight, but people who had came to see me play ended up leaving because they thought i wasnt coming...DOH

#3) Dont touch anything that isnt yours. All I did was grab a mic stand to move it and i ended up snapping it in hf on stage...let the sound dudes move everything...NOTED!

#4) Drinking Fire is kind of fun, i should have a drink of flames before i start every set
There is a lot more I learnt but these were the big ones! Lots to work on for the future Which I am hoping involves more touring beceause despite the mistakes and etc its so much fun!!!! 
Cant wait to do that all again


Tuesday, 16 June 2015


So here it goes. My first attempt at blogging, and sharing a bit about myself and my music with all of you. Hopefully through it you get to know me a little better.
My name is Daryl Bazinet and I'm one of the more recent additions to Mark Rosner's roster. I'm a country musician/ artist from here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I've heard what I do labelled as Positive Country, but as I'm not much on labels myself, I'll let others make that decision.

    2015 so far has been a great year for me and my music. Other then signing with Mark back in April, I am currently working on my new album. Though I am still in the recording process, which seems has lasted forever, one thing for sure is the name I've chosen for this new album. ' From The Heart.' Cause to me that's really where my music comes from. From The Heart. Family, faith, life and my observations of it. That's really what my music is all about. Country music straight from the heart.

Release date for the new album is planned for November to coincide with the fall Rise Up tour, and looking forward to a great 2016 and to getting to know each one of you a little better. Till then take care, be safe, and God Bless.
-Daryl Bazinet

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Rosner Management Speaks Out!

With the #riseup tour approaching, singers, songwriters and bands are preparing their shows all across Canada. It is essential to tour, at least a couple times per year and the financial pressures can be overwhelming at times. In order to overcome these challenges, it is essential to just get out and do it. Like swimming, just get in the pool. It gets easier !. Touring is best accompanied by press releases, grant writing, radio releases and sponsorships / charities involvement. I want to extend my hopes to all my artists taking part in the rise up tour. Remember that all of life can be, at best a triage, but "art" can help us through. A life without the arts, is incomplete. Remember to enjoy this. Be organized and do your best, but a t the end of the day, let go and enjoy the music. The rest is window dressing.

Mark Rosner
   Rise up tour event page 
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Monday, 11 May 2015

Together We Rise

I believe strongly everyday, that we can one day see a world where we help eachother grow. Were we invest in eachothers dreams not in the next corporation. A little word if I may,  it amazes me. For example, you could offer someone a cup of coffee or a meal out at McDonald's , and there's no hesitation. The wallet comes out and the meetings set. But when you ask people to invest in a dream and to believe in it. The looks of what the astonishment, like what are you thinking?! start to amass. To invest in a good cause and something other than what the normal is. You might as we'll call the dreamer crazy these days and it's sad.

Sadly we live in a world where mainly everyone is out for themselves to satisfy their personal greed. to increase their bank account, or to buy those materialistic items. If that's what you want then Its understood, but what if everyone could have a piece of the pie. Everyone eats 3 square meals a day, everyone has a roof over their head, and no one is belittled because of an idea, a dream. Instead of investing in eachother and building up your community, were tearing each other apart. Remember next time you don't support your local stores, restaurants, coffee shops, artists, charities, farmers market whatever it is, but you can buy products from a corporation who already has billions, were only letting ourselves down. You do nothing for your community by investing in people who already have it all, and the heart of them is not rich, not humble. Also Remember those Corporations or Big Name Actors, Artists, Car Company's, Lots Of Fast Food Chains, started as one persons Idea/dream, who's family and and friends believed in them. Believe in your community and together we rise. Or divided we all fall...‪#‎whatwillyoudo #RiseUp

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Can you trust?

I'm pretty new to writing and recording music and by now only have a handful of tracks under my belt and a couple of music videos. I've learned a lot from the last couple of months about writing from working with different producers and artists. One of my biggest learning curve was writing to a beat. I used to write whatever came to mind and try to make my words fit to the beat but now I write to the beat and make my words fit the beat; this way is much easier to record.
 One of the other things that I have recently learned is to count my syllables when I write to make my punch lines land on the kick drum. This was very difficult for me because I don't like taking out words I already have written down but by taking them out it sounds much better. Even though in my mind my music sounds good and my lyrics are spot on for my life but when I get other people to listen to my music to give me feedback, I never know if they're telling the truth or not. For example, not to be disrespectful to the people I work with, but since I pay them, I never know if what I have recorded is good or bad and whether they think it's good or bad because for them it might just be a pay cheque.
I guess the end result depends on whether I like the way it sounds and what I'm saying, and if I like the end result, chances are other people will like it too.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Hello Internet!

   Al from Arkavello here, letting you know what is currently going on, musically and otherwise.

   We`ve had a slower couple of months then were used to, in terms of playing shows. However, the shows we have played have been quite fun and we seem to be drawing larger crowds every time we play! It also has given us an opportunity to step back and take a good look at what our music means, and what we can do with the business side of things.

   In our short time as a full time band looking for a big time break. We have gone from playing community halls and central parks in small Alberta towns, to having a manger and playing fantastic venues such as the Starlite room, and in that short period of time we have been hard at work honing our craft and creating more songs that delve deeper into the world of the unknown.

  We have also made into the finals of the Landmark events showcase series, this is huge for us as it presents a great opportunity to play in front of many A&R reps of major labels, and indie labels. The finals are taking place on Saturday May 9th at the Starlite room, just short of one month before we embark on our first tour all around western Canada! We are so grateful to have the chance to do these shows. 

So far our Calender is looking like this:
March 28th - Overtime Sports Bar in Calgary
April 25th - The Well in Drayton Valley
May 9th - The Starlite Room in Edmonton
May 29th - Victoria, British Columbia*
May 30th - Vancouver, British Columbia*
May 31st - Kamloops, British Columbia*
June 2nd - Calgary, Alberta*
June 3rd - Edmonton, Alberta*
(*) venue to be announced

We feel like if we keep working hard our future will continue to grow, and our music will spread across the world.

Thanks for reading
Al Webster

Open your third eye 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Proof Of Change

To my World Wide Family
New Album Approaching
Due May 29th 2015

I am Writing tonight because im just hyped about this New Album. It has been some time since I released an album and not just any artwork, an album that took me a couple years to put together. Lots of deep thinking, emotions, reflections, heart ache, and happiness, personal changes all went into this album. It is called Proof Of Change. Proof their can be change in the world, in our personal lives, change in the lives of others, and a change in the way we use our talents to influence others. Allow the door to open to the intelligent artists out there that are using their gifts for good. Music is powerful and we can either change lives, or corrupt minds. The story behind this album is exactly this, Proof that we can change.
  I Had lost my way years ago almost 6 now, and was trapped in a vicious, vicious cycle. I thought that forever I would be stuck in this nightmare. I didn't believe in myself, I was tempted by darkness to achieve my goals. Consumed by addictions, living under this fog of misery. A Clouded judgment where money become more important than anything, and where my mind was lost and numb to the pains of life. A future of happiness couldn't be seen, and the nightmares occur to this day. Causing mental chaos but, i have since changed my ways, Im not out their pushing the poison, im doing whatever I can to mend broken shards, and tainted minds.
  Pushing Faith to those who have non, and I Mean faith in themselves, in the ones around them, in happiness, love, Dreams. I went from being surrounded by friends who were not who they said they were. Who would continue to push me to darkness a fate worse than being alone. I am a Husband to a loving Wife, and a father to 2 beautiful children. Living legit , with faith and the mind to help others onto a path of positive changes. This album is based of all this, and to me is the proof of my change. I hope to that this album could be the Proof of change you've always needed, to know your not alone in these chaotic and frightening times. That if we try hard enough, and work together we can change the outcome of our lives, to create a positive lifestyle. This is my introduction blog to the album to be released May 29th 2015 which is the Start of the RISE UP TOUR #ProofOfChange

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Prairials are a Musical Feast for the Senses

Seeking lonely single (or married) cat lady…wait this isn’t Craigslist is it? Right the band thing.

Hey everybody, this is our first blog post. We’ve only been a band for three months so cut us some slack! But hey, Prairials has done a lot of exciting things in that time. This whole project has been moving pretty fast for two brothers from small town Saskatchewan.

It all started this cold Canadian winter. We released our first track “Face In The Mirror” in December and had the chance to perform it live on 94.9 CHRW fm in London (Thanks Jennifer Lawrence!) We also did an on-air interview to help people get to know about the new project. The song really took off and we had quite a few interesting offers coming in, including an invite to a festival in the Netherlands, but more importantly a management deal with Rosner Management which we are excited to be a part of.

More recently (as in yesterday), we released our third video for “Busker’s Song” and I have to say, we’re pretty @#%$#$^ ecstatic about it. The song is about pursuing your passions and doing what ever it is that makes you happy. Because that’s what life’s all about isn’t it? (Well and them cat ladies…) We had the chance to work with some amazing people on this one! We worked with Mariah Fridgen of Black Eyed Susan, who sang on the track. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re a grunge band that’s definitely worth checking out. Our drum’s came all the way from Denmark, with the help of professional drummer Joel Stumbaugh. Also, this is the first time we’ve looked for professional actors for a video and boy are we glad we did! We had a great time shooting the video alongside Tracy St. Germain who has acted in many projects including the movie “5 Year Engagement” and the HBO series “Hung”. Walter Riggi, owner and founder of Riggi Media International stepped in as well, not only as an actor, but also as the mixer of our new song. A special thanks goes out to Darcy Gross of The Melville Advance for publishing the story of this song in the newspaper!

To promote Busker’s Song, we released it alongside Rosner Management’s Cyber Tour, an event that showcases different artist’s works. Viewers can vote for their favourite artist and the winner gets the chance to donate $500 to a charity of their choice. If won, we will be donating our money back into the source of our musical interests. Proceeds will be going to our hometown’s band program. The Melville Comprehensive School will be using the money towards purchasing necessary percussion instruments. We are hoping to give back in a way that will help others discover their love for music so that they can follow their dreams like we (and one of the characters in Busker’s Song) have done. If anyone wants to vote, they can head over to  and say that they are voting Prairials in the message section.

Nice talking to y’all. We’ll be sure to write to you more often, so stay posted! Check out our new song if you’d like and as for me… well it’s back to Craigslist.

Bye for Meow,