Friday, 29 July 2016

Ottawa's Daryl Bazinet shares some intimate thoughts!

This may be one of my longer posts but facebook asked me what's on my mind so here goes. On my journey through music I have met quite a few people who have offered to help me. Some of them have been amazing. Tina Watkins and Sam Watkins, Kent Pinkerton and Susan Lee Pinkerton, Mark Rosner, James Klym, Donny Sawyer, and Linda Wynkoop. Just to name a few. Not only have they been of great assistance to me and my music but I am blessed to call them my friends. On the flip side o...f that coin, I've met people that are, well 'piranhas' would be a good word. That prey on the independent artist under the illusion that they are only doing what's best for you. Maybe I'm in a minority but I don't make music under any illusion that I'm gonna sell a million albums, sell a million downloads, or become a big star. I do what I do because I love to do it. Making music and sharing it with y'all in the hopes that it can bring someone comfort on some level, or just brighten their day is why I do what I do. If I can make a few bucks at it, great, but making a connection with someone through something I created is priceless. I appreciate each and everyone of you, my fans, and I promise there is lots more music to come from me. I can't wait to share it with you. Sorry for the rant. Just something I felt needed to be said. Blessings!

The Healthy Rock Star !

So many things that used to be true as the music business was formulating, are now fading! In today's world,we are required to be consistent in our businesses. one of the problems, is a musicians lifestyle can lead to health problems that can affect our ability to succeed! After all, we are our own record company now.! I love what Symentha Holms in doing with Healthy Rock Star. Hemp is becoming a huge industry and it makes sense that musicians can be at the forefront.Have  a look at this video, it can open up a whole new way of looking at Hemp rpoducts. Both Hempco and Healthy Rock Star are supporting artists across Canada with sponsoring concerts, tours and other initiatives. It is justthe beginning of a great union with the arts.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Downie planning big things!

When I began writing music, ten years ago or so, I was surprised that songs really just
seemed to show up and that I was merely catching them as they came by. Yes, I have
taken songwriting classes at the university so I am well aware of the various song
forms. There is the typical verse, chorus, verse, chorus; the verse chorus, verse,
bridge, chorus; the verse, verse, bridge, verse, and then of course the hymn form, which
is basically all versus used mainly in classical, church hymns and maybe sometimes
jazz since many jazz tunes come out of musical theater. I never really cared much
about writing and sounding like anyone else and my song structure often varies
immensely. And it is often that my voice also morphs depending on the song I have
written, or rather what song has shown up. I wrote an acoustic pop/ jazz tune with all
verses, like the hymn form that one would ordinarily be done in the pop and jazz world.
One of my songwriting friends, after hearing this song, suggested that I should write a
bridge for the song. But in the end there was nothing else left to be said or expressed in
this song, so I chose to accept the song as it came to me. I came across this video of
David Bowie talking about being authentic and it really hit home to me. https:// #authentic, #findyourownvoice,
#davidbowiespeaks, #beyourself, #beoriginal,

With tour to the U.K. and Europe planned for early 2017, life and music are opening up to this great performer and songwriter

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Magician Roger Boucher busy making a name for himself!

Check out Saskatchewan Magician Roger Boucher!

Roger's summer is getting busier all the time! To name just a few Roger will be performing at the inaugural Rotary club Rib Fest July 15-17, for the 5th time performing at Exhibition in Prince Albert August 2, to performing August 6th at the Casino in North Battleford for the 3rd time in the year. He has many repeat clients. He can even perform in French. This is really exciting for Roger as he will be a full time performer (hypnotist and magician) as of July 27. He has cast of his safety net and will be working to perform across the country and over in England in May of 2017! Here is just a bit of what people say about Roger.

Roger, your perfect mix of talent, timing and intuition made you the most talked about element of our Hands for Histio fundraiser. Every one of our guests felt like they were part of the show!

Kristina Sakundiak

Hands for Histio

 “We hired Roger to perform at our annual staff in-service.  He was amazing!  Not only did he leave us in awe with his magic…but his sense of humor left many in tears.  This is the second time I have seen Roger and I cannot wait to watch his show again.  I highly recommend Roger for any private or corporate event.”

Renee Reid

North West Regional College

Thursday, 7 July 2016

TSN Reality show inks exclusive deal with Rosner Management Services

Rosner Management Services is proud to announce an exclusive deal with reality T.V. show "Highways to Fairways", coming to TSN this Fall! Music from the roster of RMS artists is currently being submitted for entry into the 13 episodes due to start airing in September of 2016. This will figure in perfectly for both sides, as the diversity of music in the roster of RMS artists stretches into every genre and geographical location of the world. in addition, most of the RMS artists can be seen live in concert on the RMS Fall Rise Up Tour, scheduled to start in Victoria  mid October and hitting every major Canadian city, right across Canada, ending around mid November. In December, the live shows will be streamed on New Music Radio for those that could not see them live! See the link below, for a taste of "Highways to Fairways"

Enjoy the Shows!

Mark Rosner