Sunday, 25 June 2017


Rosner Management Services is proud to announce a deal with World Music Stage Records in the U.S..!  WMSR is a trusted brand with major label worldwide distribution and through its sister-company, worldwide publishing and licensing opportunities! 

This relationship will allow RMS artists, with an "eye on the world stage", to create a more level playing field in this competitive business! World Music Stage Records will provide the service and future opportunities artists need in bringing them alongside artists at the highest of levels in distribution and licensing / publishing. It is a great option and one that RMS is excited to include in it's offer to artists! 

WMSR has been a sponsor of Rosner artists for over a year now and we are so grateful for the support they have shown in helping artists around the world. 

As a continuation of commitment to our artists, RMS can now offer world class distribution and licensing opportunities through World Music Stage Records! RMS believes in partnering with quality people and companies like WMSR, to offer it's artists the options that are right for them

This is a partnership that has no limits, as RMS will be also working with WMSR towards other opportunities for both companies artists! See the links below for more information


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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

"RiseUp TV" has limited spots left

"RiseUp TV", a tour and global reality TV show being filmed across Canada in the spring of 2018, has a handful of opening's in different cities in Canada, for solo artists and or bands. Below you will find a list of genres we are looking for and in what city they are needed. If you think you would be a good fit and you meet the criteria below, send a link of your music to This ground-breaking TV show, is set to follow over 70 artists from around the world, converging on Canada, for two weeks and 12 shows stretching from Victoria, BC to Montreal, QC. 80% of artist spots are already filled.

Hypnotist and magician Roger Boucher will host this travelling show, to be filmed and released around the world in the fall of 2018. Season two is already in the works, which will be heading to Europe for filming in the spring of 2019. The objective is to capture the ups and downs of artists on the road. There is no telling WHO will emerge as the stars of the shows. The world will decide that! Celebrity guests, big sponsors, its all coming to a TV channel near you!

CITY                              GENRE NEEDED

Victoria, BC                   ONE Singer-songwriter or country
Vancouver, BC               ONE Rock band
Kelowna, BC                  ONE Rock band, ONE Hip Hop, ONE singer-songwriter or country
Golden, BC                    ONE Rock band, ONE Hip Hop, ONE singer-songwriter or country
Calgary, BC                    ONE Hip Hop 
Edmonton, AB                ONE singer-songwriter or country
Windsor, ON                   ONE singer-songwriter or country
London, ON                    ONE Hip Hop, ONE singer-songwriter
Niagara falls, ON            ONE Hip Hop, ONE singer-songwriter
Toronto, ON                   ONE singer-songwriter
Peterborough, ON          ONE Hip Hop
Montreal, QC                 ONE Hip Hop, ONE singer-songwriter or country

Friday, 16 June 2017


Montreal has a great music scene! It also boasts some of the best in creative guitar designs. Check out JK custom guitars. James Klym will amaze you with his design, workmanship, but also his personal attention to detail. He cares about his clients! I can say first hand that he has created master pieces for my artists. He works with some of the biggest names in music and there is a reason why!. He also sponsored artists in Canada and has a giving heart. These are some of the reasons why this company are well worth the look into. RMS works with artists around the world and we are proud to endorse JK custom guitars!



Monday, 12 June 2017


Newfoundland artist Stephen B Lawrence is climbing every chart imaginable. Just recently he was requested on Hidden Gems Broadcasting like no one could believe! with a hard hitting country rock feel and no nonsense lyrics, this is only the beginning for this artist, as he is now signed with worldwide management company Rosner Management Services and plotting a course for international success. Below are his Facebook and Twitter links, so give him a follow and watch this rising star. Here is a little more info from his bio.

Performing live onstage since 1993, veteran Newfoundland and Labrador singer-songwriter Stephen Lawrence embraces his country and gospel roots to bring his audiences nearly 25 years of toe-tapping, heart-felt original music, hitting stages that range from local festivals and to opening for acclaimed artists, such as Jan Arden.
In the summer of 2016, he released his 6 song EP entitled "Make You Believe", which garnered industry interest and earned him a nomination for the 2016 Music NL Country Recording of the Year. The early single release from the EP, "Far From Where You Are", was also selected as a regional finalist for the 2016 CBC Searchlight competition.
Stephen’s first full-length album is slated for release in the summer of 2017 and a tour across the province and beyond is being developed in support of this much anticipated recording, with a combination of tour sales and e-commerce driving the project forward. With the short-term goal of following this tour with showcases of his craft at major industry events, such as the annual ECMA conference, Stephen’s longer-term goals include tour planning for the Atlantic region, connecting with like-minded artists for song-writing collaborations, and networking to attract producers and artist managers to partner with him as his career moves forward. Poised to move quickly into the Canadian music industry’s spotlight, Stephen Lawrence is a musical force to be reckoned with! Come on out to a live show in your area and let Stephen “Make You Believe”!
To stay informed of tour dates and to receive special offers, such as free MP3 downloads, T-shirts and signature Cowboy hats embroidered with the SBL logo, visit and for booking info contact Route 50 Entertainment Group @



Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Details of the agreement will be released in July 2017, however, what can be said is this. RMS has come to agreement in principle, to open up office in the U.K. The music management company has seen extensive growth in the past 3 years and it's reach is about to gain even more strength with the expansion to the U.K. The service level for artists will grow as well. Touring and promotion for U.K. and European artists wanting to branch out is made easier with this management model. In addition, artists from outside the U.K. and Europe, have a warm contact "on the ground", thus making it easier to branch out into that market. With the RMS model, artists work together around the world and it creates opportunities that would not be possible on their own. A good example is the TV show being produced  and filmed mostly in Canada in 2018 called "RiseUp TV". It will be seen all over the world, via the internet, but also syndicated TV in many countries. Artists like "FUZZ CULTURE" from India and "JMAXX" from South Africa, will be flying into Canada to participate with 70 other artists in this unprecedented TV show and tour across Canada. No expense is being spared in promotion and details. This would not be possible without tremendous on the ground presence from artists working together. Sponsor exposure, charities, artist revenue and mass promotion will make this a big win-win for all involved. The new music business is emerging and it will be better than the so-called good ole days in music. More details of the expansion, TV show and other exciting news will be available on our "RiseUp TV" channel, which will be in place at the end of summer 2017. WE have provided a couple links below to the RMS web site and Facebook page, which will give more details over the summer. For media, artist inquiries please email

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Sunday, 4 June 2017


Producer, performer, writer........Princeloo is off and running. Rosner Management Services could not be more proud of the results 8 months into our management deal with Princeloo. We will be continuing to work together and adding value to what has happened now. Princeloo has signed a multi year deal with "Audio Freaks" an international label, who are behind some of the biggest household names in the business. Princeloo is not just an artist, he is a franchise waiting to happen. A brand of excellence and we are very excited to have been a part of helping this to happen! Look for Princeloo to gain momentum and visibility over the next couple years, but also we are negotiating to bring him to Canada for "RiseUp TV" and tour, being filmed in May, 2018. Below are some links to social media and the link to "Audio Freaks" and go music solutions, the partner company.

Audio Freaks:

Go Music Solutions:



Saturday, 3 June 2017


As we look back at the career of Mackenzie Dayle, singer-songwriter, from Edmonton, AB, we are struck by her accomplishments and at such a young age. The fact is that this is only the beginning. In her first years in the music business, Mackenzie began learning very quickly. Each step of the way, brought more connections and ideas. She has pushed herself further, always demanding the best of herself. She has now worked with some of the best and brightest in the industry, a list too long to mention. We found this link from a few years ago, where she sang the anthem for the Edmonton Eskimos. A dream of every singer, to some day do so. With major label interest now and a TV show on the horizon, you can be sure that you will see more of her in the months and years to come. Take a look and listen and even say hi and follow on social media. She loves to hear from fans and friends always. !