Friday, 30 September 2016

Tyrone Burt-Mister Diversity

I grew up in Newfoundland, yes I am from The Rock and I grew up listening to all types of music because of my parents and my own diverse taste.
I originally called myself MC Mac because I loved rap music as a teen and started writing rap songs at 16 years old. As I got older, I became more interested in pop and then rock music. I changed my name to Mister Diversity to reflect just that, my diverse taste in music. Flash forward to today, and I have never stopped. I write a new song at least once a week, and I've been doing that for 25 years with no end in sight. 

I am a musician, a writer, but mainly a singer. I can write a song to any music you put in front of me. 

Most artists stick to just one type of music, it defines who they are, they get categorized. Mister Diversity is not just an artist, it is a concept, to reach out to fans of all music types and have people say, "You know what? This guy is good, real good" I am Diverse, I am Mister Diversity, and I will be part of the Rise Up Tour in Ottawa this November playing alongside the likes of Daryl Bazinet and Aaron Ray. Can't wait to share the show details with all of you. Check out more info here:

Thursday, 29 September 2016


I can say that I too have been a victim,  but in my younger days was also guilty of being the instigator at times. The truth is that we live in a different day and age, where these things are being brought to light! Watch this heart felt short video and do what you need to do. The link is below and realize that you can help right away. I feel the same as Jennifer, don't buy me a birthday card!


Mark Rosner

Sunday, 25 September 2016


Factory Fast Records out of  New York, have inked a distribution and promotion agreement with Rosner Management Services out of Vancouver, B.C. that will be releasing 4 -5 compilation
CD'S, along with worldwide promotion, to be delivered to the public, late March, 2017! The compilation's will also be available in hard copy and can be shipped to anywhere in the world. This will coincide with the growing popularity of the cross Canada "Rise  Up Tour", happening in most Canadian cities throughout May and June 2017. Stay tuned for details, as every genre will be represented on the compilations. The link to Factory Fast is below. Some of the artists involved can also be seen this October and November in the Fall Rise Up Tour, happening soon! That link is also listed below. Feel free to inquire directly with the artist of your choice, through the Facebook link below.       FACTORY FAST RECORDS     RISE UP TOUR

Mr Cyphier-Growing to kill the pain

Where did it begin...
Two years ago, there I was sitting watching the world go by from a small two bedroom apartment, the cats were on the floor running amok I was watching the X-Men movie, and in my hand was a bottle of Anti-Depressants.   Staring at them intently I made the descision that enough was enough.   And down the hatch they only took about 5 minutes for the reality to set in as to what had just happened, and this wasn't the first time, but the fear was very real.
I can't even remember WHY I had taken the pills, but I am sure it was something mediocre and irrelevant now sitting here writing this 2 years later.  The reality was simple, I had decided the world was better off without me.  I was ready to go.  Anyhow...why am I still here you ask ...simple I chickened out last second and rammed my fingers down my own throat throwing up all over the room, laying down quickly and realizing I wasn't even sure the pills would have done the job, but that was alright whatever depression/panic attack issue had caused the original thoughts was irrelevant i was alive and laying in my bed just chillin out course my throat hurt cause throwing up whole pills sucks. 

While I was laying there I started thinking to myself, holy fuck I was alone, I was sitting in a room surrounded by things I loved and it wasn't enough it wasn't even close.   The problem wasn't anything anyone had done or not done it was all the shit that was spinning around in my brain.  All the things my 40 year old ass hadn't done in the last years.   So many things I hadn't accomplished and so many times I'd just rolled over and died.
I got up the next day feeling like total shit, was ready to call in sick to work and realized that the virtual handcuffs of an over inflated financial system had me again, I put on my little dress shirt and pants and went off to manage the Local Denny's where i was chastized for soemthing irrelevant I had missed the night before.  Looking around the restaurant it all became clear....
I had become everything I hated.   
People ask me all the time where Cyphier started for me, it was that morning, I called up a friend and said HEY I HAVE AN IDEA!  Lets record the angry bullshit that comes out of my mouth and you put some music behind'll be'll be something to kill some time and make us not feel so dead inside.  
So we started as the music for Overthought started to take shape I realized it was the story of the night that started this that was going into the cell phone microphone, yes Overthought was actually written using a cell phone to record, hell Jason and I weren't even in the same room until we recorded the last track for the record.   
Anyhow, we threw the music up on TuneCore, tried a few live shows and were ready to pack it in when something happened...people were actually listening to it...they were genuinely listening to it and they were talking to us about the music and the message.  
So there ya have it...some people start a band to tell a story, some to make money, for me it was simply something to kill the pain of all that nothing inside......
Thanks for listening and if you'd like to check out my website or Facebook, please do! 
Forever waiting, 

Louis Cyphier. 

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Ian Kurz-Your Hero

Hi folks,

Recently I released my single 'Your Hero' through Stephen at Musik and Film to radio in Canada, and it's also the song I submitted for review amongst a few  different popular review sites.

We had a blast shooting the video in the summer and just released it to YouTube!  Check out the video here:

Thanks for your support!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


                                                          FIRST PRIZE $1,000.

Additional prizes in music production! As the next great social music network emerges, there are several ways to get involved right away! The first step is to Register below. NO COST, totally free. As a matter of fact, after you register, you can upload a short video clip of you singing or using your talent in any way you can. You will automatically qualify for our contest coming in November 2016! Register and tell as many of your friends to register as well! This is only the beginning of a worldwide network for artists of all kinds, industry people and the general public! See the link below and GET STARTED!!! 


Friday, 16 September 2016


Even a $5 donation will help bring this powerful show to schools. the tour is on and ready to hit the road. Every donation is appreciated and you can follow the tour between cities on Twitter and Instagram!  A message of hope, acceptance and anti-bullying is coming to Western Canadian schools. We need your help, as the tour leaves in under 30 days!!!!  Please see the link below. It's easy to do. Thank you also to out Hotel sponsor Best Western Hotels. Also Plaschy Music, Staples, Canadian Tire and yummy Boston Pizza, for donations of your wonderful services and products!

We would like to welcome our latest Sponsor,all the way from Switzerland!!!!   Plaschy Music is becoming the new YOUTUBE. Join up and begin uploading  a video of you singing ! Meet friends worldwide and share videos. You will be automatically entered to win a cash prize of $1,000 to be chosen just before Christmas time 2016! The contest will be judged by some of the biggest industry people in the world! Stay tunes for more info and see the link below for a look into what is coming soon!!!!

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Simon Henley: I am me

Hi everyone, 

For my first monthly blog I’d like to start with a really good introduction of myself. 

As you probably may know, music is a big part of who I am. I’m interested in many styles of and my guitar, words and voice roam the planet to experience and grow. The fact that I am well surrounded and supported by great musicians from different cultures definitely helps. Writing a new song for me is not only an outlet but it’s also the extension of myself. I tend to be a bit too honest too. My latest one (not yet released) addresses an illness I have. It’s very personal and I hope it will help the cause. It started with a letter I wrote directly to it and it quickly became a song. As many cancer patients do, people with bipolarity tend to address their illness as well. 
Overall I understand that I am not Bipolar but a person with it. There’s a big difference. Would you call a person with a big nose, "BIG NOSE"? Or simply a person who has a big nose… That’s why I am not my illness. Although it’s a big part of who I am. I hope I can show you my song soon. It’s called “Dear Bipolar”. 

If you’re looking to know what it is to have bipolarity, here is a great article:

And here is "Steph" as we played it last June in Québec city.

Thanks for reading and see you around!


Monday, 12 September 2016


An estimated 12 million viewers watched a 10 minute news story based on the band KROM, from Cambodia. It aired on ITN News in the UK. See the video below! The video really tells the story and we are proud to be associated with Christopher Minko and all the members of this band! Smashing job Saturday night and it was a pleasure to see you LIVE!!!!



Sunday, 11 September 2016


I would like to take this opportunity first of all, to thank my friends, family, business partners and a special thanks to all of the amazing artists that I work with! Without all of you, the story that I am about to write, would not have been possible. Life takes many unexpected turns and twists and we need to roll with it the best we can. If you had told me 5 years ago that I would have these experiences, I would have thought you were nuts.! The main purpose of this blog post is to let everyone know that I am now engaged to a wonderful Cambodian woman! Actually the correct, more specific name is KHMER! Khmer is the nationality and Cambodia is the Country. Mouly and I are very happy together and we will now begin the process of planning the wedding ceremony and immigration to Canada for her. The actual Ceremony is looking like early November. I am posting a few pictures or our engagement ceremony and a video. I love the KHMER people and have grown and learned much from this experience. I think that these experiences will last a lifetime and I intend on applying what I have learned upon my return to Canada. You see, as much as I love Canada and never want to live anywhere else, I have learned that as our society grows and becomes more complex and modern, we have lost some things too. We cannot go backwards, so the best we can do I suppose, is be aware of them. Traditions, customs and family support are so important. For instance, when one has a problem, the whole family has a problem. The sense of community and social interaction. The sense of respect for elders and the environment. The need for tolerance etc. Something that I am proud of in my business is the goal of having us as artists lead the way in promoting tolerance and social injustices. You see, making money does NOT have to include destroying people and our planet! Good business and living, should mean alliances and integration. It was a wonderful engagement ceremony and most of the family came at one point or another and dropped in while the Monk and local “old man” were conducting the various aspects of it. As I sat there, I wanted to film everything, but also did not want it to become a TMZ episode!!! Lol  To my right, was a PIG’S head and a chicken on a platter. The smell of incense was strong and the local humidity high. Lucky I had a couple 5 year old angels fanning me with a cardboard box! The monk was stirring a water and flower mixture and then used sticks to deliver a quick “flick” of water out upon us, while reciting Khmer traditional words of love and encouragement. A show of support from the locals and family! Thank you for taking such good care of me this whole time. to my artists I would like to say thank you! I LOVE working with you and I am so excited to see progress on so many levels with so many of you. WE have come so far in this crazy business and I cannot tell you how proud of the work already done. There is much to do still and I will work hard this year to help create more and more opportunities for success. Another example of my belief that working together opens up many more possibilities than going it alone. I would like to leave you with this final word. As a society, we need to guard our priorities. We CANNOT let government or corporations operate without transparency. We also cannot rely on them for proper support of the arts, our culture and our health! If we want music, culture, healthy living etc, to be a part of our society, we need to support and contribute separately to these. Special interest will always operate outside the truth and create spins that keep us in the dark!


Saturday, 10 September 2016

Julie Curly-Flower Power Soul

Flower Power Soul

In my last blog entry, I was referring to Bob Dylan classic song The Times They Are A Changin… I was using the analogy of this 1964 song, to explain from an indie artist point of view how the music business has change… This being said, it always come down to one thing: producing great and authentic music.

I cannot say that I produce the greatest music - I mean, I believe so!- but it’s always a matter of perception, musical taste & subjectivity. But for sure it is authentic, it comes from a real place: the heart. Our next EP to be launched in 2017 is called Flower Power Soul. The album pays tribute to the music and the spirit of the 60's & 70's. It’s an era that my musicians are well aware of for having lived through it. For my part, I was born the day John Lennon died, but I have a fanatic nostalgia for the 60’s and the 70’s…I particularly the era, both musically and sociologically: Warhol’s pop art, hippies ideals, the French New Wave cinema, the New Hollywood, sexual liberation, gays and lesbians movement, feminism, the Quiet Revolution in Quebec...even fashion! And of course, the  music of Janis, Dylan, Lennon, Hendrix & The Beatles. So no wonder most of the 6 songs on this EP pays a tribute to the Flower Power era.

This new album is pretty different from our first 12 tracks album in French (Confessions, 2014), but pop sounds still stand as a way to express authentic feelings & storytelling. And on the business part,  this first English album was partially funded by FACTOR and Gouvernement of Canada. So I’m proud of it and my bank account is, of course, ever thankful for the help as an indie artist!

I believe in the power of peace, love & freedom to overcome violence, hate & narrow-mindedness. Some of the 60’s & 70’s civil rights movements have taught us this. I may be a « Flower Power Soul » born in the wrong era, but it’s never outdated to be authentic and preach for peace, love & freedom. So let’s get together and spread the word about authenticity and authentic music. Go to our website and subscribe to our free newsletter! It only takes seconds to do so & you’ll receive a free song. The art of sharing right? So share your thoughts with us, always happy to read your comments… and stay tune for our album release!

Peace & love,


Monday, 5 September 2016


Musicians and artists of the world will lead the way! Social change has always been the responsibility of musicians and artists! It is a also a reflection on the good and bad of society. Woodstock is a classic example of such. Plaschy music is a social network that is about to begin leading the way to many new things and ways of thinking. Artists and musicians can show their talent to the world and at the same time, affect change throughout the globe. Watch this 5 minute trailer for a documentary below. It will begin the process of change and once again, music will lead the way to social change. Stay tuned for promotions and events worldwide as we begin this journey of enlightenment together!

Friday, 2 September 2016

Tod Hughes: Time Slow Down

Tod Hughes: Time Slow Down

                                                                                           By: Ralph Greco

Canadian roots-rock songwriter Tod Hughes has released his new album Time Slow Down. The flicky and fun title track opens with Hughes featuring a strong female backing vocalist in the singable chorus with a fiddle lead; it’s a nice, positive, simple, funky, folk-rock opener. “Nothing to Obscure” is a sweet acoustic tune, with mainly Hughes’ delicate, slightly sad vocals, and sweet fiddle, electric, and drums slowly slipping in behind him as the song opens up in some very solid, lyrical, subtle ways; it’s a wonderful tune. 

“Drinking Coffee in a Hipster Place” is a heavy percussion tune, with fun, slightly wry spoken lyrics, those backing female vocals again, and clean guitar lead slipping around, while a horn beats in the background. It’s wacky, wild stuff to be sure. “Real You and Me” is a nice, quick love song, again featuring the fiddle and backing vocals. One needs to listen a little deeper to Hughes’ lyrics here (as well as every other place on Time Slow Down). His seemingly oft-mined light-hearted sensibility is not all it seems. “Darkness That Cries” ends the album and it is a killer, really. Hughes croaks the lyrics out, talks some of it, strumming slowly before we get the big folk-country, commercial chorus. This is an expansive tune, if not in production, in lyrics and intent, just as on-par with classic country songwriting and delivery. It’s a wonderful end to a very good album indeed.   Check out his website here: