Tuesday, 16 June 2015


So here it goes. My first attempt at blogging, and sharing a bit about myself and my music with all of you. Hopefully through it you get to know me a little better.
My name is Daryl Bazinet and I'm one of the more recent additions to Mark Rosner's roster. I'm a country musician/ artist from here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I've heard what I do labelled as Positive Country, but as I'm not much on labels myself, I'll let others make that decision.

    2015 so far has been a great year for me and my music. Other then signing with Mark back in April, I am currently working on my new album. Though I am still in the recording process, which seems has lasted forever, one thing for sure is the name I've chosen for this new album. ' From The Heart.' Cause to me that's really where my music comes from. From The Heart. Family, faith, life and my observations of it. That's really what my music is all about. Country music straight from the heart.

Release date for the new album is planned for November to coincide with the fall Rise Up tour, and looking forward to a great 2016 and to getting to know each one of you a little better. Till then take care, be safe, and God Bless.
-Daryl Bazinet