Monday, 30 May 2016

Delaney Rose Interview!

Got an invite for a interview thru my publicist, Tracy Lamourie, with Joe Crawford, Niagara Falls, Ontario and I got to admit it was so enjoyable. It will be on a few dates as below. Have a listen and let me know what you think? I'm also so excited to plan a fall tour of Germany. I will be setting up a crowd fund page to bring you into the experience with me and my tour. Believe in You!!! That's what matters!! That's also our wish with our new "Just Believe Foundation", a break thru mentorship program for all arts programs with all ages!!! Just Believe, Delaney Rose

You can hear the interview at the following locations on OTRFM:


If you're not on a computer but want to listen on your mobile device for free you can at on OTRFM.

Encore shows are as followed:

Thurs May 26th: 2pm EST
Fri May 27th: 1am & 5pm EST
Sat May 28th: 11am EST
Sun May 29th: 12am EST & 12pm EST
Mon May 30th: 6am EST
Tues May 31st: 3pm EST

After that the interview can be heard online at and on iTunes for free at: