Monday, 15 May 2017

Simon-Rise up, Flow and Grow High!

Hi everyone, 

Well we’re preparing for the Rise up Tour in Québec city. This year it’s at the Ninkasi on St-Jean street. 

July Curly and AzemCa from Montreal well be part of the show. As for me, I’ll be playing with Charles-William and Jibi. Jibi is the newest member of the team. We’ve had a lot of fun together. So much talent reside is these two guys… They make my music flow and grow high. 

Here’s a promotional video I made in French. 
After speaking I’m singing a sample of my latest song: “Dear Bipolar”. 
On the 28th will be our last rehearsal before the big night. 
I’ll be sure to film it and to show it to you as soon as it’s out. 
Till then… have fun! 😉 Simon

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