Saturday, 4 July 2015

Introduction To Keats JP

Music is my life. And working towards a dream is a full time job (along with having
to earn a living). The new addition to my ‘dream chasing’ team is the Rosner
Management team and they have started a new chapter with me  - they have done
such a great job these last few weeks of educating me on the first steps to popular,
professional musicianship.
I had the pleasure of attending the ‘RISE UP TOUR’ show in Toronto which
proved to be not only entertaining, but also very educational – what do I want to be
doing in the future? What kind of show do I want to put on?
I am now in the process of moving apartments, but have also begun planning
my first fundraising performance or a ‘House Concert’  hoping to get started on
that NEW SINGLE. Makes me feel a little apprehensive, - and insecure for sure, and I
have no idea what I’m doing – but I’m learning.
My mom always says “You don’t have to know what you want… but you have
to figure out what you DON'T want.” I’m learning more about myself and my craft
everyday and I am so lucky to now be able to share it with my new founded friends
and team; but also with all of you.
Signing off for now,
Keats JP