Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Greatly Troubling

I have watched this for over a year now. It is time that I weighed in, as I have a responsibility in this business to the many artists and music in general. I think this is a great look at the inside of what I see as a poison in the music industry. Read for yourself. As the owner of a music business, I do not see eye to eye with every artist I encounter, but would never speak so disrespectfully to anyone like this. This troubles me greatly.
 Look, on one hand, if you are a dev...eloping artist, you need exactly that....development. Part of what you need to do is learn how to sell yourself and your music to people! There are many things to learn about doing that. You can't just JUMP into good favour with sponsors, grant people and fans. It is a process and throughout the process, as my father says, "water will find it's own level" However, selling tickets to just get people there and giving all the money to the promoter is GARBAGE!!!
  It does not teach, offer incentive, direct, offer ideas towards putting on a great show, promote artists working together (quite the opposite, it promotes unhealthy competition between artists) or lead to anything AFTER the show. I am not a fan of artist competitions, as music is objective. What would happen if Neil Young was not famous and entered a singing competition today?
In my opinion the company listed in this, is merely a throw back to the way things used to be, with artists being used for the greater good of a corporate boss.


A Comment From Val Halla Below on this matter.



Hi Cinzia,
I suggest you find a new place to work in the music industry as soon as you can, if you are hoping to continue ...working in the industry… as a company like Landmark Events will most certainly be a blemish on your resume, and I'm sure you mean well in your pursuits at employment within the business.
I can't believe that Landmark would be asking people to sign on for an event, fork over around $500 to Landmark, for a "chance" to win a "prize", the least of which are things that are basically nothing - you are selling people on this without even having a single "industry rep" booked? You are saying you will "shop" them to labels? IF they win these multiple rounds of 8 bands or so a night? Hmmm 8 bands or so a night paying Landmark $500 or more each... You've got local sponsors involved to supply the REAL prizes for free at a cost to THEM, and then Landmark keeps all the money? Maybe 12 grand per city in both Regina and Saskatoon if you succeed at your sign up mission?
You have a horrible PR presence online as the owner of your company might be wise in future to make NO response rather than a response like THIS to a band : https://m.facebook.com/notes/the-annoying/landmark-events-battle-of-the-bands-arent-any-better-than-any-pay-to-play-event-/349708275046901/
it comes across as quite out of touch and egotistical, and there is no better way to isolate artists from you, than by calling out fellow musicians as "nothings". We are a loyal group of people to each other, and to try and squash the dreams of one band we might not even know, still doesn't go over very well with the rest of us. I'm glad they posted this publicly so we could be aware...
The Saskatchewan music scene is a small tight knit family and a great community, and the last thing I want to see is a company from out east rolling through with a bunch of smoke and mirrors, taking a bunch of money off the backs of prairie musicians and their fans, without having a single employee even step foot in Saskatchewan - as i see where you were looking for someone local to actually run these things too. So ten to fifteen thousand dollars per city and just send the cheque out East when we're done? ha!
I've been a working performing musician for the last 14 years and I'm currently out in Vancouver for the summer, but I'll be damned if I'm going to see you roll through Saskatchewan this summer and rip off a bunch of artists on a pipe dream and someone who has a "contact" at Warner music - who i'm just guessing won't even be "attending" the Saskatchewan "showcases".
Further more, sending multiple emails to multiple artists from multiple employees of Landmark, just reeks of desperation to begin with. Are you guys not communicating even with who you already have or haven't sent emails to? I had two of you writing me as if you don't communicate within your own office. Trying to close deals without even having your side of the deal solidified is pretty amateur too and a huge RED FLAG. You're going to have industry reps and want me to confirm and sign something as soon as I send you one email with a question in it, and without you guys even having any "industry reps" booked or anyone confirmed you send me something telling me to sign it? What exactly ARE Landmark's obligations here contractually other than to just 100% FOR SURE take money from artists??
Here's a local Saskatchewan band that moved out to Montreal who you guys ripped off out there:
"Our band ******** had played two of their events in Montreal and can tell you from first hand experience that is exactly what you are saying val. We busted our asses selling tickets, handed over a significant amount of cash with hopes of placing. We actually did place, and they didn't do a single thing for us. More over, the contest itself was beyond a joke. Basically just preyed on any naive band that would do it, not 'carefully selected new and awesome talent. The results were laughably predictable in the worst possible political sense, i.e. band who sold most tickets won. We met the 'industry reps', none of whom seemed legit and worse couldn't have seemed to give less of a shit about us or being there lol.
First hand experience for ya…"
I edited the name of the band out of respect for all members since I hadn't been able to talk to each of them and make sure they were ok with my sharing that information, but when this was posted it was not blocked out and word travels fast here is Sasky, especially from credible sources!
Get out while you can Cinzia.
I will be doing everything I can to keep Landmark Events from taking advantage of any of our Saskatchewan artists… please pass this on to your "indie artist loving" boss.
From another "nothing" musician,
Val Halla