Monday, 3 August 2015

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

 So many amazing things are happening in the careers of musicians working with Artist Deals that their stories are beginning to catch the attention of print and online magazines. Not only is this great press for the musicians themselves, and proof to their fellow Rosner Management artists that people really do love to hear about emerging talent, this development is also a welcome bonus our sponsors are happy to receive. When sponsors are happy, they tell their friends, and so the network of sponsors grows ever stronger. As companies throw their support behind our artists, they are getting extra mentions from the artists who are grateful for their support.

 Those artists who show the most gratitude for the sponsorship they receive are also the one's whose stories magazines are most interested in printing. There is something compelling about the words “thank you”. They are words we all long to hear and when someone uses them, we  tend to listen to other things they have to say, and our musicians have a lot to say! Upcoming articles are also expected to give sponsors product placement in photos. As many artists are involved the modeling in addition to singing, companies who supply artists with fashion accessories and jewelery are abound to have some of those products show up subtly in the images that accompany the articles. Those products may range from cowboy boots on country artists to dazzling jewelery on singers who also happen to be stunning models.

 While at times managing musicians from diverse genres can be a challenge, this diversity provides a deep well of interesting stories; and magazines love interesting stories. In an age where content is king, stories from our artists are supplying magazines with killer content; these magazines cover a range of topics proving that love of music knows no bounds. Yes, there are days when being a musician is brutal; the upside to surviving the challenge is that you get to accumulate some fascinating tales from the trenches. These real life stories of innovation, adaptation, and personal grow inspire fans and magazine readers alike. While having a transmission blow up on route to a performance may seem like the worst thing ever, surviving that and learning the importance of car maintenance makes one all the wiser. Plus, it makes for a great story in an automotive magazine. A musician's “worst day ever” inspires great  copy in whatever magazine happens to deal with issues related the cause or circumstances of the painful experience or crushing frustration. Music fans read automotive magazines, they also read fashion magazines, travel blogs, parenting magazines, and home improvement magazines; in short music is everywhere, and so are music fans. It is no wonder then that such a wide range of print magazines are now showing interest in our musicians.

 Articles have already been written on Tod Hughes and Daryl Bazinet and others are planned for several musicians working closely with Kathrine Weiss. How cool will it be when artists submit their music grant applications and supply as proof of their merit stories from magazines and journals that back up what we've been saying namely, these are very talented people with the staying power to make it in one of the toughest industries out there. Mark Rosner attracts great talent and has the patience to help artists through their days in the trenches so that when they emerge from the battle, they can say “It was all worth the effort and the wait”. Artist Deals is proud to be at the centre of this new development that sees RMS artists gaining the exposure they deserve. We are also glad to see these same musicians showing such respect for sponsors and music fans alike; what one is grateful for grows as we appreciate its value.

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Katrina Boguski CEO Artist Deals.