Saturday, 6 February 2016

Don't Look Back

  Life....well that's just it isn't it... Life... Life can be complicated, or everything can go smoothly. The ups, the downs, the sadness, the happiness, mistakes, and accomplishments. You name it. Life will throw it at you...A lot as well...I'm noticing to lately that more and more people live in the past. With regrets about what was done, Time that was wasted.
 It's easy to get sucked into you're thoughts like a vacuum has pulled you into the darkness, and your thoughts are cluttered together in the vacuum's container. This is something I am all to familiar with. It is difficult to get out of these thoughts at times and focus on what's important....So my word to you is this. Don't look back, Don't look back at what was and envision what can be. Stop trying to change what cannot be changed, but accept the card's you've been dealt with and work with them.
Create the life you envision, and help other's embrace this ideal, and their own idea's. Take what you went through as a lesson to learn from. Being human doesn't mean at all in any definition, being perfect. We all go through crazy things and let it consume our future. Let it dictate who we become. Why? If something didn't work for you, then don't do it again, if you made a mistake, learn from it, and don't do it again.
Don't repeat process's that are clearly faltering. With kindness in you're heart, and an ambitious mind developed, go forward and CREATE. You are the Creator, don't let what was break you.

Don't look back.
 ~Young Cap~