Monday, 22 February 2016

Dual Entries

Jan 25, 2016
 Today one of our members got the sheet music to our upcoming single Work a
 Day Jane tattooed on his strumming arm! No excuses to ever forget a note. ;)

Jan 29, 2016
12 days in to really rolling with our crowdfunding campaign, and off to an awesome start. We have over 400$ in plus one sponsor at 100$, and we're poised to approach some local businesses next week. It would be an AWESOME BOOST if we could get to 1000$ total by the end of Monday, so we're 490$ away. If you had 15$, 65$ or 200$ to send our way we could send you a button, Shirt or dazzle your Valentine with a serenaded song. Check out the packages, see if anything makes sense for you to help us out. :)