Saturday, 23 April 2016

Lance King’s The Country Beat

 This has certainly been a very exciting past few months for me personally with the US and International success of my Stephen Wrench (Grammy nominated producer) produced the song “Love You All The Way”.  Recorded in Nashville the musicians were from such notable groups as Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Luke Bryan, Brooks and Dunn Stephen molded the song into a formidable contender to go up against the top Country Music artist in the Industry. “Love You All The Way” has spent the last 11 weeks on either The Euro Indie Music Charts peaking at # 12 or on The Digital Radio Tracker Charts peaking at #23 on the US National Top 50 Country Chart. Both charting companies chart 1000’s of stations World Wide. Seeing my name on the charts between Blake Shelton and Kenny Chesney was a super big thrill. One week I was enjoying that fact that I was on top of Carrie Underwood (musically speaking of course) and my, Toni-Anne wife replied “In Your Dreams.”
 At the end of March Toni-Anne and I traveled back to Nashville where we met up with my producer, Stephen Wrench and we recorded 6 new songs. The first release from that session is “Driftin” which was written by my Dad, B.C. Country Music Association hall of fame member Ed King. He had success with the song about 20 years ago but a good song, is a good song, is a good song. Stephen and I really liked the song so we used mandolin in it and it turned out so well it became first out of the gate. We plan to release the next 5 in 10 to 12 week intervals.
With the success of “Love You All The Way” and the anticipated success of “Driftin” the push is on to find booking agents to help find me suitable bookings in Canada as well as abroad. Because of the songs US success I am also working on obtaining a US work visa and a green card. I am also anticipating a very successful “Rise Up Tour 2016” show in White Rock on Saturday May 7th with my co-host and friend Delaney Rose. Delaney has put together a fantastic line up of guests for this show and it is my understanding that ticket sales are brisk.
 Well it’s time to go vacuum my pool so for now I’ll just say Thank-you Mark (of Rosner Management) for helping me to organize a plan to succeed in this magical business we call the music business. Thank-you Stephen for making my music sound fantastic and Thank-you Musik and Film Records for getting my music out there and getting it played.
I’m Lance King and this is my blog: The Country Beat.
Thanks, Lance