Monday, 25 July 2016

Downie planning big things!

When I began writing music, ten years ago or so, I was surprised that songs really just
seemed to show up and that I was merely catching them as they came by. Yes, I have
taken songwriting classes at the university so I am well aware of the various song
forms. There is the typical verse, chorus, verse, chorus; the verse chorus, verse,
bridge, chorus; the verse, verse, bridge, verse, and then of course the hymn form, which
is basically all versus used mainly in classical, church hymns and maybe sometimes
jazz since many jazz tunes come out of musical theater. I never really cared much
about writing and sounding like anyone else and my song structure often varies
immensely. And it is often that my voice also morphs depending on the song I have
written, or rather what song has shown up. I wrote an acoustic pop/ jazz tune with all
verses, like the hymn form that one would ordinarily be done in the pop and jazz world.
One of my songwriting friends, after hearing this song, suggested that I should write a
bridge for the song. But in the end there was nothing else left to be said or expressed in
this song, so I chose to accept the song as it came to me. I came across this video of
David Bowie talking about being authentic and it really hit home to me. https:// #authentic, #findyourownvoice,
#davidbowiespeaks, #beyourself, #beoriginal,

With tour to the U.K. and Europe planned for early 2017, life and music are opening up to this great performer and songwriter