Sunday, 20 November 2016

Ian-This is your life

It's been a great month for me, and sometimes I just cant believe how quickly things can happen! 

As you already know, I'm working away writing/recording, trying to get an album done for a January release... I talk about it every month... I don't typically do all of my writing at once. Instead, I do it throughout the year. It just works better for me to do that way because I invariably end up with time pressure in the weeks leading up to a release. So, this time I got a little further ahead and started recording earlier as well. 

I wrote 'Your Hero' sometime in the spring I suppose, and recorded it in the spring as well, shot the video in the summer, and then mixed and mastered the song at the end of summer. It went to radio in Canada first, around September 15th, and then around the world a few weeks later.

Well, I'm happy to report that I received an email last week that I was on the Euro Indie Charts. I HAD to look of course, and there was my name, along with 'Your Hero' at position 95 on the charts. I was pretty stoked to say the least. This week I got another email saying I was on the charts, so I looked, and would you know I moved from 95, all the way up to 18! Very exciting stuff for me! I hope to continue this run of good luck for a while of course!!

At the same time that this is all going, I continue to write and record for my upcoming album. I had written a song called 'This is Your Life' and recorded it but decided that since Youtube is such a great platform for getting my music out, that I would put the song to a picture video for people to hear. You can hear the son in the video below: