Monday, 28 November 2016

Young Cap-Lift Your Head Up and Smile for Me

If you're feeling down....I want you to lift your head up and smile for me. I hope that by reading this I can give you some encouragement !!!! I know life is hard, and we all go through things we don't want to ..... Leaves us feeling as if maybe we did something wrong to deserve this, and nothing will ever change... that the cards dealt, were never in your favour. What if though....what if they were ? Not everyone is dealt the same cards, or is placed in the same situation. Sometimes it's on us to figure out how to play our cards, or play it cool, so they don't play your bluff. Regardless, you can do it !!! Sometimes to we feel we have to be alone to succeed, that it's either we do it by ourselves or we don't do it at all....Understandable since the world's got us so divided, most are to afraid to ask for help, and often when asking for help are judged for it !

 So it makes it difficult to move forward. We got to break that awkwardness and work together if needed, we are all skilled in different ways, and maybe when you run out of cards in hand, and its down to your relied other, and your opponent, maybe they will have the cards in hand to overcome the situation, leaving you to start fresh with a new deck. Perspective is the biggest thing, never giving up, staying diligent, and not forgetting to work together to succeed, we are all going to go through things, but you got to keep your head up and keep moving. No matter What. Smile, your incredible. That's just it, you are, and you need to wake up every day and tell yourself this. Believe you can get through any situation your faced with !!!

At the end of the day, I know you can do this. Never Give up on yourself, you can defy the odds, you are meant to do more than just pay bills and go to work, when you wake up ! LIVE, don't just exist, feel every breath in your lungs, and know you are worth every minute, a BLESSING. Stay blessed, keep your head up, and smile :)  You got this !

Young Cap
Aka Corey A. SP.
Prophet Division Unlimited