Saturday, 7 January 2017

Cander-Making sense in the twisted end

    The roller coaster that was 2016 has come to a screeching halt. Gripping the rails beneath the seats trying desperately not to come UN-hinged and fly off the track. My biggest accomplishments as an artist came this year and my lowest points came with it as well. One night im opening up for an underground rap legend that i first listened too 15 years ago, getting respect and even freestyling with him, the next night im on a clouded bender trying to make the night before never end. It makes sense though, it always does in its twisted way. The higher you get the bigger the drop and if you cant get up from it and learn then your never going to climb. They want positive facts about my accomplishments but i prefer the gift of artist insight instead. I did this, I did that, but did i learn about myself and how will i use that for 2017? 
Witnessing how amazing your life can be when your truly focused is the most incredible feeling ever. Watching yourself slowly destroy or attempt to sabotage that progress is the complete opposite.It has been a good year for self improvement and awareness. I'm happy that the Rosner team is working with Canadian mental health charities right now, we all need guidance and its obviously a topic i dwell on constantly, hopefully i can help them with what i've been going through and how i've survived. 
Remember that even though this year in review, conveniently compartmentalized in a small section of our lives, is only the lead in to the next year and the one after that and so forth. It never ends and it will continue to move you along the journey, all you need is a dream and a breath to stay on track...
_thank you
-your pal Cander