Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Julie Curly-Let It Be

Fab Four Forever 

Happy new year! May the legacy of the Fab Four continues to shine bright in 2017! 

Let it be - The Beatles

I’m sure many of you are fans of The Beatles! I am for sure! I’m so happy to let you know that I’ve been chosen as a finalist for the Winter 2016 VoiceCouncil Singing Competition. I had to choose a cover song and make it my own. Of couse, I went for Let it be one of my all time favorite song! Wanna help me win the big prize?

Watch my cover of Let it be and if you like it, give a great comment (at the bottom of the VoiceCouncil page): http://www.voicecouncil.com/singing-competition-winter-2016-finalists/

Let it be is part of our album Cover Sessions, Vol. 2 (released in 2016). 
You can buy and listen on iTunes! 

John Lennon - InMemoriam

I was born the day John Lennon died. I’m an idealist, like John. I don’t have his talent, but I wanted to spread the word about his poetic message and music once again, and pay an humble tribute to this great artist and the Beatles!

December 8th 2016 was the 36th anniversary of John Lennon tragic death. To celebrate his memory and musical contribution, I'm proud to offer you our studio recording of Can You Imagine (The Killing of John Lennon) a song that will be on our next album, Flower Power Soul, due Spring 2017. Hope this song warm you heart, on this cold December day. 
Listen to the song Can You Imagine (The Killing of John Lennon) here

Many thanks to those who took part in creating this song: Monique Dumas (composition), Jean-Yves Cardin (piano, arrangements), Robert Massé (drums), Dennis Pavia (programming), Gilbert Cantin (mixing), Harris Newman (mastering). (Thanks mom, being the co-inspiration for this song;)

Wish you a happy new year! 
May the legacy of the Fab Four continues to shine bright in 2017! 
Peace, love & great music! 
Julie xxx