Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Julie Curly-Winter Blues

Winter Blues

« Ah! Comme la neige a neigé! Ma vitre est un jardin de givre. » - Nelligan

February is soooo hard on us, isn’t it? Living in Montreal, Quebec, it seems that snow never gets out of the way… Shovelling becomes our most prominent activity and it’s not by choice, but obligation! The sky is gray and you enter a state of « California Dreaming » wishing you could leave right away for sunny L.A.

So I go with music therapy and listen in shuffle mode to California Dreaming. We actually did a cover of this beautiful song by The Mamas and The Papas, last year (Yes you bet it was recorded in February!) Follow the link, below, if you feel the winter blues…

If you live in a sunny place - I’M JEALOUS! - here are some pictures of my winter depression… If you live in a sunny place, you’ll probably find these pictures exotic, even romantic! Remember: shovelling at 6 a.m. in freezing cold minus 20 in your big winter coat with snow whipping your face, and finally having to use the traction aid to great this F*&?%$ car out of a show bump, is NOT romantic…

So there it is, my Winter Blues. Trying to get out of this state of mind, I listen to music. Speaking of music, I can’t wait for you to hear our beautiful and SUNNY album, set to be launch in June! I can’t wait for summer time!

In the meantime, come join me on Patreon, so we’ll be able to know each others a little bit more! Lucky me, there is no snow to shovel on Patreon…

Come join me on Patreon, sun is there!:

Julie xxx 

P.S. YES this is my car in the picture;)