Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Simon-New Music New Time

Hey there friends, 

I’ve got a special announcement to make. 

On March the 19th we’ll be at the Balattou in Montreal.  It’s a special show with Beyond a Crew (Cameroun) and special guest SeouddrumS (Cameroun). 

It all starts at 9pm. 

Do you know why it’s a good time to come and see us? We have a new musician with us. Josué, drummer of Ensemble Afrovibes. And with Emmanuel Delly from the same band plus Charles-William Mpondo from Beyond a Crew (both long time partners), this has to be a great night not to be missed. 

We’ll also present new songs for the first time. 

So take Monday morning off and come enjoy World Music to it’s finest. J