Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Artists across Canada and some from around the world are preparing for they're shows on the upcoming cross Canada RISE UP TOUR 2017. For those of you wondering what this is all about, here it is.

Rise up is put together BY artists FOR artists. Some artists are playing only their hometown and some are playing many of the shows all across the country. It is all part of gaining mass exposure for their shows, working together, to expanding their contacts, venues, social media, sponsors, other artists to work with and creating an overall "bigger story" than simply embarking on a tour by themselves. It created a lot of networking and content for them along the way, so they can expand it on the next tour.

Rosner Management Services plays a role in helping to organize, do overall promotion and direct each artists needs along the way, whether that means publicists, radio, social media, help in getting sponsors, etc. There is also something else happening here! Next spring, the RISE UP TOUR 2018 will actually be a TV show!!!   Modelled somewhere between a documentary and a reality TV show, 10-12 episodes of the tour will be filmed for syndication on TV and the internet. This will provide massive worldwide exposure for the artists. In a sense, the tour is building towards something much bigger and the artists have this time to work out the bugs. the TV show will be fashioned differently in format, but will basically be the same, starting in Victoria BC in early May and ending in the Maritimes near the end of June.

Make sure you get to know these artists now, as they embark on this journey and build their careers. You can find all the dates being added to the tour, on this Facebook link below. There will also be featured artists on this Facebook page throughout April, leading up to the tour, so invite your friends to join the page  and everyday you will be introduced to one of the artists music or video and get a taste of your new favorite artists!!!!