Friday, 24 June 2016

Calgary Band is OFF the charts crazy! gotta see them!

Hey there Folks....Trayne Rekk here from Puttin'On The Foil !!!!

Had a Rough /Fun weekend.. Played the Okotoks Parade. We played on a float then in front of the Elk's Hall Beer Gardens. Lot of Booze, Burgers and Stupidity...I'm still alive!!! The human body is amazing!!!

On Monday I was the dunk tank guy in a new TV show coming out called Tin Star with Tim dunked about 15 times...was paid danger pay!!! Was a good time. This weekend we're in Calgary and Canmore. Lot's of shows coming near you. Go check out the calendar at

Last thing for now. Working on new video for "Shitshow" going to be good. Go check out our other videos!!!

Thanks to Mark Rosner !!!

Trayne Rekk