Thursday, 9 June 2016

Lance King getting great results in worldwide Radio !

My song Love You All The Way was released on Feb 1st making it onto the Charts the week of Feb. 6th. Reaching #154 on the “US National Top 200 all Genres Chart” and #56 on the “US National Top 100 Songs by an Independent Artist Chart”. Love You All The Way reached the US National top 50 Country Chart at #24 the week of Feb. 13th. Love You All The Way spent a total of 11 weeks on the (DRT) charts peaking at #70 on the Top 200 US National all Genre Chart, # 16 on the US National Top 100 songs by and Independent Artist Charts and #23 on the US National Top 50 Country Chart.

Driftin’ was released April 11th  and reached the charts the week of April 16th.   This week Driftin’ placed #164 on this weeks US National Top 200 all Genres Chart, #12 on the US National Top 100 songs by an Independent Artists Chart and #45 on the  US National Top 50 Country Chart. Besides charting for 16 consecutive weeks in The United States  with these 2 songs they have both charted well in Europe on “The Euro Indie Music Charts”. That is a chart that features only independent artists based on airplay from several thousand radio stations across Europe. This week Driftin’ is #61 on Euro Indie Music Chart, Love You All The Way spent 2 weeks in the Top 20 on that chart.

Both songs were recorded in Nashville using musicians who also record and back up major Country Music artist such as Brooks & Dunn, Miranda Lambert and Lady Antebellum. Both songs were produced by veteran record producer Stephen Wrench from the independent record label “Musik and Film Records”.  Stephen has produced 46 gold or platinum records for various major Country Music and Country Rock artists including Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Williams Jr. and Travis Tritt. Stephen has produced 5 additional songs for me which were also recorded in Nashville. We are planning to release the 5 remaining songs over the next 18 months. On the strength of the success of the first 2 songs extensive touring plans are in the works. All these songs are original written by myself, Ed King with 1 song written by Stephen.

All the DRT charts are available for download by going to the Digital Radio Tracker website and searching the charts section. I am now in the planning stages of a tour throughout Texas in November!!!!!