Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Solvent of Society plans heating up!


Welcome to the June addition of the Solvent of Society blog, happy to have your eyes. This blog post is all about our recent events here on Vancouver Island, our future plans, and a recap of our biggest social media news. Shout out to Rosner Management Services (RMS) for giving us this platform to share this news with you. We formally apologize for not updating you on these events sooner, our only excuse is excessive rocking.  
First and foremost WHOLEY SHOWS! When we made our last blog post on here ( we never anticipated to be playing much shows in the first half of the year. However, through connections with local musicians and groups supporting music, we landed the following shows:

Friends of Music Society Showcase
Save the Duncan Showroom Fundraiser-Over $2000 raised 
Our first Campbell River Performance with Az-Real and Others
Our first Victoria Show with Rosner Management Services 
And A Battle of the Bands in Port Alberni thanks to The Zatt Zoo Project 

AND THAT’S NOT ALL FOLKS!! Remember that record we mentioned before? We’ve officially started recording! We have plans for a release that will hopefully shake the foundations of something, but for now we can officially state it’s in the works. As promised here are the official track names for the record, keep in mind they are not in any sort of order: 

Spell Me 
Without a Doubt 
What I know
Sea of Corruption 
On Trial 
March of the Penguins 
Punker’s Paradise 
But At What Cost 
and our newest track, Throw the World Away! 

Speaking of that new track, we have released a YouTube Video for it here: As for other social media news we are happy to announce we are growing! It’s to connect with new friends and musicians in person, then transfer that to online as well. We have included all our social media links below if you want to stalk us! Thanks for catching up with us everyone. *Be sure to mark the this date on your calendars, October 21st* SOS will be playing Victoria for what could possibly be our biggest show to date!! Stay tuned!!
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