Friday, 9 December 2016

Simon-Invisible Reality

Hi again friends!

I’m glad you’re here reading my thoughts once again. I’m glad because there is a thought I’d really like to share with you. And that is what it is to be in our shoes… us, the people with bipolar.

Bipolarity is invisible. We can only see symptoms like depression or hypomania/mania to name only these. Otherwise, it’s an internal battle and too many of us suffer in silence. I associated myself with and their main role is to break the isolation of people with a mood disorder in the Québec city region. Not being treated is one thing. But being treated and healthy, allows us to lead a normal life filled with all the joy and sadness life can give. In this video (, I’m revealing some elements of bipolarity.  I hope you like it and I also hope you like this song I composed in a painful moment:

Thanks for being there.