Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Details of the agreement will be released in July 2017, however, what can be said is this. RMS has come to agreement in principle, to open up office in the U.K. The music management company has seen extensive growth in the past 3 years and it's reach is about to gain even more strength with the expansion to the U.K. The service level for artists will grow as well. Touring and promotion for U.K. and European artists wanting to branch out is made easier with this management model. In addition, artists from outside the U.K. and Europe, have a warm contact "on the ground", thus making it easier to branch out into that market. With the RMS model, artists work together around the world and it creates opportunities that would not be possible on their own. A good example is the TV show being produced  and filmed mostly in Canada in 2018 called "RiseUp TV". It will be seen all over the world, via the internet, but also syndicated TV in many countries. Artists like "FUZZ CULTURE" from India and "JMAXX" from South Africa, will be flying into Canada to participate with 70 other artists in this unprecedented TV show and tour across Canada. No expense is being spared in promotion and details. This would not be possible without tremendous on the ground presence from artists working together. Sponsor exposure, charities, artist revenue and mass promotion will make this a big win-win for all involved. The new music business is emerging and it will be better than the so-called good ole days in music. More details of the expansion, TV show and other exciting news will be available on our "RiseUp TV" channel, which will be in place at the end of summer 2017. WE have provided a couple links below to the RMS web site and Facebook page, which will give more details over the summer. For media, artist inquiries please email

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