Tuesday, 20 June 2017

"RiseUp TV" has limited spots left

"RiseUp TV", a tour and global reality TV show being filmed across Canada in the spring of 2018, has a handful of opening's in different cities in Canada, for solo artists and or bands. Below you will find a list of genres we are looking for and in what city they are needed. If you think you would be a good fit and you meet the criteria below, send a link of your music to mark@rosnermanagement.com This ground-breaking TV show, is set to follow over 70 artists from around the world, converging on Canada, for two weeks and 12 shows stretching from Victoria, BC to Montreal, QC. 80% of artist spots are already filled.

Hypnotist and magician Roger Boucher will host this travelling show, to be filmed and released around the world in the fall of 2018. Season two is already in the works, which will be heading to Europe for filming in the spring of 2019. The objective is to capture the ups and downs of artists on the road. There is no telling WHO will emerge as the stars of the shows. The world will decide that! Celebrity guests, big sponsors, its all coming to a TV channel near you!

CITY                              GENRE NEEDED

Victoria, BC                   ONE Singer-songwriter or country
Vancouver, BC               ONE Rock band
Kelowna, BC                  ONE Rock band, ONE Hip Hop, ONE singer-songwriter or country
Golden, BC                    ONE Rock band, ONE Hip Hop, ONE singer-songwriter or country
Calgary, BC                    ONE Hip Hop 
Edmonton, AB                ONE singer-songwriter or country
Windsor, ON                   ONE singer-songwriter or country
London, ON                    ONE Hip Hop, ONE singer-songwriter
Niagara falls, ON            ONE Hip Hop, ONE singer-songwriter
Toronto, ON                   ONE singer-songwriter
Peterborough, ON          ONE Hip Hop
Montreal, QC                 ONE Hip Hop, ONE singer-songwriter or country