Sunday, 25 June 2017


Rosner Management Services is proud to announce a deal with World Music Stage Records in the U.S..!  WMSR is a trusted brand with major label worldwide distribution and through its sister-company, worldwide publishing and licensing opportunities! 

This relationship will allow RMS artists, with an "eye on the world stage", to create a more level playing field in this competitive business! World Music Stage Records will provide the service and future opportunities artists need in bringing them alongside artists at the highest of levels in distribution and licensing / publishing. It is a great option and one that RMS is excited to include in it's offer to artists! 

WMSR has been a sponsor of Rosner artists for over a year now and we are so grateful for the support they have shown in helping artists around the world. 

As a continuation of commitment to our artists, RMS can now offer world class distribution and licensing opportunities through World Music Stage Records! RMS believes in partnering with quality people and companies like WMSR, to offer it's artists the options that are right for them

This is a partnership that has no limits, as RMS will be also working with WMSR towards other opportunities for both companies artists! See the links below for more information


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