Saturday, 1 July 2017


Acheiving success in the music business boils down to a few things. One thing I can tell you for sure. Whether you are in the music business or not, if you are not prepared to take the "risk" of success, do not expect the "rewards" of being in business. Every business person and artist is an entrapaneur. If you do NOT push in to uncomfortable areas, you will not achieve growth. In addition, if you are not willing to try new things, you will never learn from them. My father said, "you must be willing to do what others won't". Also, the people who succeed, are the ones that get in at the beginning. By the time you try to "copy" what someone else is doing, it is already too late. So....align yourself with people and companies that take a chance on new innovations and who really go for it! Certainly there are a lot of people who do not suit being in business for themselves and don't handle pressure well. That is valid and one of the things I love about being in Cambodia over the summer, is the difference in corporate attitude. Certainly Cambodia has it's western influences, but I find that there is a real respect for the working class and hard work every day. I find that our western world has become less and less respectful of traditional jobs. The computer and online selling has become so imperative, that the pay structure for actual blue collar jobs, has dropped a lot. That is sad, because  for instance, we all love a good meal at a restaurant, but someone had to deliver the food! Truck driving can be dangerous and is not a walk in the park. I spend my days at a computer and the worst that can happen is getting a dry mouth because I haven't sipped from my beverage in an hour. On the flip side, the focus of what I am saying is this. Choose your personal "risk tolerance". That will determine where you fit in the business world. My mom sells Avon. I asked her if she wanted to "take it to the next level" lol. she said no, I am happy with a few dozen clients and that's it. Ok, so her risk tolerance is low. That's great!  Musicians, artists, you want music in your life, the best news I can say is that there is no limit now, to what you can achieve. YOU decide, how far to take your business. Taking your music internationally is not for everyone, but certainly everyone can take it as far as THEY want.