Saturday, 20 December 2014

Music Is a Scary Journey

Music is a scary journey for me

Have you ever gone up to your parents and said I want to be a singer/rapper? What did they say? My friends often ask me, will I be happy if I don't make it in music? Will I be happy having a desk job for the rest of my life?

Well to answer those questions, I haven't told my parents that my dream is to become the biggest artist ever known and have my name up there with Mr. Tupac Shakur. To answer my friends’ questions, I don't know. All I know is that my dream is my dream, and I am young and I won't be able to live with myself knowing that I had an opportunity to chase this dream and didn't take it. I am going to school for computer science and it is an interesting field but it's no music career.

It's funny because I never knew about the work involved behind the scenes in music to get your name out there, I always thought that if I focused on my lyrics and made them meaningful, I would automatically get noticed.

In school they teach you about mathematics and sciences which are very important but they never teach you what you actually need to succeed in the real world. You need to know how to talk and relate to people and you need to know how to sell yourself, which is what I am learning how to do at the moment, but am not fully succeeding. I tried to learn a new language last year on my own through various websites, but it did not turn out perfectly- and that's what promoting myself feels like.

I've always focused on my lyrics and what I talk about, but now I'm learning something new and getting my feet wet; I dive in.