Friday, 5 December 2014

Ronda Rozon's "End of Day" Music Video!

The Waterfall

As the weather becomes colder, most of us want to hunker down and stay close to home in our nice warm places.

The other day we were filming outside for the last shoot of the video.  Our location was a most inspiring, beautiful spot near Goldstream Park in Victoria, BC.  We were amidst towering trees and a waterfall as high as Niagara!  Every hue of green, gold and red surrounded us.  The sound of the flowing water was mesmerizing. My desire was to sit and drink it all in.  The air was so refreshing.

I had to cross over the frigid, meandering water in order to get to the sweet photo spot beside the waterfall. The rocks were slippery and I had to make some long jumps between the rocks .  I had my guitar on my back and a blanket and a bag in my hands.  It was a challenging balancing act.  One that I did not win.   At one point my feet landed in the cold waters - “Brrr!”

As I carefully stepped from stone to stone I made my way to the spot and settled in for the shoot.  The force of the waterfall was causing water to spray over me and the wind was blowing cold air all around.  It was so cold I could see my breath!

This was fast becoming a labour of love!  Ken had brought over the music for my song and he showed me how to work the player and then he returned to the other side of the water.  Now was the really hard part: being filmed!  I find it challenging to be in front of the camera .  I wanted this to be a great video but truly wished I didn’t have to be the center of attention.  I much prefer to be captured in a natural, authentic way without having to pose for filming.  I knew that it was necessary, so I tried my best to be creative in some movement to the music.  Ken was considerate and kept the filming short and sweet.

I made my way back to the other side where we did some filming inside the trunk of a tree (a very cool little space).  Climbing up and over the rocks I felt invigorated and alive.  To be amongst such natural beauty was such a gift.

As we packed up I marveled at the wonder of the waterfall!  It was amazing and I had never experienced it before.  How could I have missed this my whole life?  The whole space was magical!..Like being in some far off mystical, spiritual, distant land.

I looked back for a moment and pondered upon the privilege of living in such an incredible paradise.