Monday, 1 December 2014

Teemus Supreme & the Song Writing Process

Hip-Hop Artist Teemus Supreme: "Always finish something you start"

A song is one thing, but a video is another. I never imagined myself being part of a music video, let alone making my very own music video for my very own music. I used to listen to music on the radio and wish that I could rap and sing just like those popular artists. I never knew music could come so naturally. The lyrics that I write flow naturally and I never have to push them out; any time I feel an emotion (which for us human beings is like all the time) I take out my phone, or if I have a pen and paper out, start pouring out my emotions into verses. People say they often struggle to write one song- I've already written five. Could this be my ego talking, or do I possess actual talent? My writing process doesn't involve a beat, nor can I just sit and listen to a beat for hours and try to write a song specific to it. I just grab a pen and starting writing on a paper, I don't try to make the words rhyme and even though sometimes when I read what I've written down and it doesn't sound too good, I keep going because if there's one thing I've learned in this life, it's that no matter what always finish something you start. It is an interesting process when we record in the studio because I'll have a beat picked out that I want to record the track over but my lines or verses don't always line up to the beat. So I kind of take a "see how things go" type of approach. The music starts and I start singing, I let the music guide me and the words that come out of my mouth are mere expressions. Of course sometimes I either write too much or too little and so I'll make changes as I go forward with the verses. Sometimes I won't even have the verses completely written and sometimes the chorus isn't even written but that's what I like about the studio environment, it always brings out the best in me. This is only the start for me though, maybe I'm arrogant or maybe this is beginners luck and the struggle is yet to come. I've only recorded 3 songs thus far and am on my way to making my first music video for one of my very own song called "Fake Friends"