Monday, 19 January 2015

Sky Phoenix

Sky Phoenix's Expression Through Music

Sky Phoenix's expression through music has been the focal point of Sky's life.

The passion he brings to his music making has been an inspiration to many.
Using the lessons he has learned through past experiences, Sky has been able to apply his knowledge to his current work in music and film. Working with well-known and highly recognized musicians, music and film industry professionals, Sky has been able to create something truly magical. The journey through years of writing and finally narrowing song choice to find those that blended and conveyed the journey of the album through emotion that has come from the soul.

Despite distinctive sounds with each song, Sky has been able to meld the genres and styles to create harmony. His musical influences of old school rock, deep southern blues, R&B and British rock ring through his music. While facing constant struggles, Sky has had to work hard to persevere and sacrifice to turn this album into a reality.

With his many talents, he has provided not only the voice, instrumentals, lyrics, compositions and arrangements but has co-produced the album with Doug Fury as well. Sky's spirituality has played a major role not only in his music and visions but in using his music to affect others. This labor of love has brought artists together, sharing their talents, benefiting each other through growth and forming a network and collective. The driving force behind this album has always been to help others. By sharing his positivity and love as well as his own personal experiences,and lessons, Sky has opened himself up to the world, allowing connections to be made.

The hope for this album has always been to form bonds through the messages and meanings behind the music and visuals. To have a positive effect for someone and possibly change their life is one of Sky's visions. To bring about change for the good of all is Sky's passionate goal on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. The importance of giving back and helping to support to special charities is very dear to Sky's heart. Being able to use his talent to "Spark a Change", benefit those around him, and create better lives is the biggest goal of all. Sky would like to send out his thanks and love to those who have helped him on his journey of making his musical dedication and commitment not only a possibility but a reality.