Monday, 26 January 2015

Canadian Hip-Hop Artist McClin and His Flow

A pen, a paper and my flow

Yup! that's me. Lets talk about music and how I started. I realized my gift of poetic writing can be transformed into the art of music, and I have been passionate about it for over 10 years. Truly, without it, I'm homesick. In retrospect from the jungle to the cities, the rough road and hard times, the hustle and the struggles among good or bad people, I learned to mingle; shared the love and tried not to judge. My heavenly Father got me. And disapointments can't stop me. There's no place in my heart for the devil. Althogh, the world is filled with evil. But yet, my God is able. He delivered me from the power of darkness and placed me in the light of joy- blessed me with a gift, that I can share to you and yours. Lord have mercy upon my enemies- for with your blessing, I will still rise up anyway. Your grace, love and wings keep me protected. My family, friends and fans, they all detect it. Putting God first in all I do, so that my efforts aren't in vain. I love challanges in life, 'cause they bring out the best of me. Still pushing it different in this Hip-Hop game, and still keeping my heritage and originality without a shame. With or without a beat, I rock you with unique style and get you soaking in your seat. Got the music in me that burns and bursts out flames. My dream for fame is to make big name. Surely I tell you, the game is not the same- to be a superstar and shine like the bright and morning star. Well, ain't no shine when God is not at the start. Hoping you got the perfect picture world- music is what I got. Speaking right from the heart, I'm trying to find a spot. A pen, a paper and my flow, is all I got to show.