Monday, 19 January 2015


Tomorrow's Unknown

Tonight I am just sitting here thinking to myself, I am blessed. Though life has been incredibly difficult at times, I keep my head up, staying positive. Who knows what tomorrow brings, we are always, always venturing into the unknown if you think about it. Usually we do it alone, 'cause we're so focused on our demanding, busy lives, and I get it; I live one too- I respect what you're going through, but sometimes we've got to slow down and take a moment. With that being said, every waking moment i give thanks for another day, another day to breathe, laugh, live, spend time with loved ones, the little family I've created. My beautiful wife, children. So no matter what the past has brought, or what tomorrow brings, I live for the things in life worth living for. Yes, everyday I work hard earning an income for my family doing what i have to do to maintain and live as comfortable as I can with what I have, but the materialistic items, well they mean nothing to me.

I just possess the things I have, for I have earned them, from working hard, because I can, not because I "love" them. We must live our lives for what they are truly worth: family, friends, children, the paradise around us- Serenity, Peace, Love, Harmony. For tomorrow is not known, and if we get to caught up in the chase of money, the stuff we have, needing more, and forget what's right in front of us, then who knows, it may all be gone tomorrow. Before you know it, you blinked your eyes and its gone. Take nothing for granted. Help a person out that needs it, be someone's ray of faith, change a life. If today you change one life, and yes one may not seem a lot to you but maybe tomorrow you change the lives of 2, maybe even 3 people? Start a chain effect, and we start to come together, and every day that we do it makes venturing into the unknown (tomorrow) not so scary, for we don't have to do it alone. Spread love, make peace, take nothing for granted and let us live as equals, in harmony, 'cause what if tomorrow never came and we spent our whole lives arguing?

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