Sunday, 4 January 2015

Progressive Canadian Rap Artist - Young Cap

Understanding the Music behind Young Cap

Hello to everyone out there reading this. I am Corey Ackland St-Pierre, the man behind the name Young Cap. "Young", means that my belief is that music can hold us in a time of our youth. For example, if I'm to record a track at 22, I have kept myself eternally young. Not only that, but it is what keeps us feeling alive, enables us to have fun, and to some, that means feeling young again, and letting their souls be captivated amongst the company of loved ones. "Cap" stands for Capricorn of the zodiac, which I follow deeply, we are more connected to this universe then we let ourselves realize.

I want to speak to people on the understanding of my music. I get a lot of people saying "wow that's different - why don't you write about what a lot of other rappers write about- follow the mainstream artists, be more like them?" Well, as for staying relevant to the Rap game and being like everyone else, I stand independent, but never alone. I remain different from the rest because that's who i am. I separate myself from what everyone else is doing, and focus on the relevance of life- bringing faith, heart, passion, emotion, into my lyrics: my blood sweat and tears. I incorporate the pains of life as a form of teaching. I remember back in the day, people realized hip-hop/rap (music of all genres) was able to help people come together, to inspire dreams and help people come together in their communities. I am here to bring this ideal back, to turn the hopes of those into faith. Eliminate your nightmares, and allow yourself to become a dream catcher.

The music behind Young Cap is designed to capture the minds of any person in life that is lost and facing nothing but hardships, TO SPREAD LOVE & PEACE. It's designed to undermine all the negativity, and bring a balance back to the music we listen to, that our children listen to. It hurts me to watch so many skilled artists using their knowledge to motivate other people to do wrong, whether this is their intention or not, music is the only thing to open up both sides of your brain. We're taking in the lyrics of whatever we're listening to, so if we feed it nothing but negativity, we will have people walking in darkness. Yet, if we change how we approach music, and make it something positive, others can learn from it, and it can be something that turns people away from aggression so we can see a world of difference. In this lifetime, I feel I have been given a voice, so i will use it to help others through the use of poetry. The times are changing, the world is changing, and people are waking up. If you wanted to understand my music more, and why I write what I do, I hope this helps you. I wish everyone nothing but greatness, happiness, and success in all. 

Thank You!

Young Cap ( aka Corey Ackland St-Pierre )
From Comox British Columbia, Canada