Friday, 16 September 2016


Even a $5 donation will help bring this powerful show to schools. the tour is on and ready to hit the road. Every donation is appreciated and you can follow the tour between cities on Twitter and Instagram!  A message of hope, acceptance and anti-bullying is coming to Western Canadian schools. We need your help, as the tour leaves in under 30 days!!!!  Please see the link below. It's easy to do. Thank you also to out Hotel sponsor Best Western Hotels. Also Plaschy Music, Staples, Canadian Tire and yummy Boston Pizza, for donations of your wonderful services and products!

We would like to welcome our latest Sponsor,all the way from Switzerland!!!!   Plaschy Music is becoming the new YOUTUBE. Join up and begin uploading  a video of you singing ! Meet friends worldwide and share videos. You will be automatically entered to win a cash prize of $1,000 to be chosen just before Christmas time 2016! The contest will be judged by some of the biggest industry people in the world! Stay tunes for more info and see the link below for a look into what is coming soon!!!!