Saturday, 10 September 2016

Julie Curly-Flower Power Soul

Flower Power Soul

In my last blog entry, I was referring to Bob Dylan classic song The Times They Are A Changin… I was using the analogy of this 1964 song, to explain from an indie artist point of view how the music business has change… This being said, it always come down to one thing: producing great and authentic music.

I cannot say that I produce the greatest music - I mean, I believe so!- but it’s always a matter of perception, musical taste & subjectivity. But for sure it is authentic, it comes from a real place: the heart. Our next EP to be launched in 2017 is called Flower Power Soul. The album pays tribute to the music and the spirit of the 60's & 70's. It’s an era that my musicians are well aware of for having lived through it. For my part, I was born the day John Lennon died, but I have a fanatic nostalgia for the 60’s and the 70’s…I particularly the era, both musically and sociologically: Warhol’s pop art, hippies ideals, the French New Wave cinema, the New Hollywood, sexual liberation, gays and lesbians movement, feminism, the Quiet Revolution in Quebec...even fashion! And of course, the  music of Janis, Dylan, Lennon, Hendrix & The Beatles. So no wonder most of the 6 songs on this EP pays a tribute to the Flower Power era.

This new album is pretty different from our first 12 tracks album in French (Confessions, 2014), but pop sounds still stand as a way to express authentic feelings & storytelling. And on the business part,  this first English album was partially funded by FACTOR and Gouvernement of Canada. So I’m proud of it and my bank account is, of course, ever thankful for the help as an indie artist!

I believe in the power of peace, love & freedom to overcome violence, hate & narrow-mindedness. Some of the 60’s & 70’s civil rights movements have taught us this. I may be a « Flower Power Soul » born in the wrong era, but it’s never outdated to be authentic and preach for peace, love & freedom. So let’s get together and spread the word about authenticity and authentic music. Go to our website and subscribe to our free newsletter! It only takes seconds to do so & you’ll receive a free song. The art of sharing right? So share your thoughts with us, always happy to read your comments… and stay tune for our album release!

Peace & love,


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