Thursday, 13 October 2016


The E Power Concert series began it's tour of BC and Alberta and it hit with a bang! Combining live music by two very talented young artists and a powerful message by "INSIDE OUT", a BC based company that delivers a  message of empowerment, anti bullying and self esteem in this 3 hour presentation, designed to reach our kids in the place where they spend a lot of their growing Although the kids are thinking, great, a few hours in the GYM instead of class!! they leave with lasting impression that life will be what you make it and you are not alone. This year, we are also recognizing Amanda Todd, who was bullied to the point of suicide and whose mom Carol Todd, has become a beacon of light to everyone, through her efforts to raise awareness of this tragic epidemic. We would like to thank our sponsors, some of whom are listed and hashtagged in this blog. without their support both with services and funds, this tour would not be possible. Thank you so much to you and the entertainers and Fascilitators that have worked so hard to make this happen!. If you are looking to be involved or help out, even in a small way, please visit the link and it will explain what we are doing and what is needed going forward.

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