Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Rosner Management Services is proud to announce the launch of "RMS Licensing and Publishing"  With years of experience in this area, Stephen Wrench of "Musik and Film",  one of the founding members of Lynyrd Skynyrd and one of the most respected music industry professionals in the world, will partner to deliver REAL Licensing opportunities by pitching to music supervisors on an on going basis. the company will focus on TV, Film, commercials, video games, retail stores and other licensing firms, to provide an on going push for your music. Mark Rosner explains the concept and what it means to the musicians of today. "I represent artists of all genres around the world. One thing most artists have in common is that they are busy. In fact, too busy AND lacking the knowledge of how to properly submit their music to music supervisors on a consistent basis. We have opportunities come across our desk quite frequently and always pass them onto our artists. However, for those artists that want to focus on "going after" opportunities aggressively, we can now offer them the guarantee that we are pursuing placements for them. In this world of music xray, song taxi, song catalogue, there are companies that will take $5-10 per submission and you rarely hear anything back, I wanted to be able to provide an environment for artists that they could have a proven industry team,pitching their music for placement opportunities, so they can focus on the many other aspects of their careers. You could never afford to hire someone to pitch only YOUR music every day. However, being a part of a company that has the ability to "target" the places that fit your music properly and has the connections to make it happen, is a great use of time and money. It is also priced very affordable, so it stands a good chance of achieving financial success as well. for information and a consultation, please send all inquiries to:

Mark Rosner